Two friends win all paid trip to Europe

Nazeemudeen Shamnaz and Shemnas Sakkina, both work in Mix Max Trading in the sales and purchase department. (Supplied)

Lady luck smiled upon two friends at the just concluded Gitex shopper 2016.

Two Indian friends who colleagues in the same company and neighbours in the UAE, won a fully paid travel package and air ticket to visit any countries of their choice from the Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA).

Nazeemudeen Shamnaz and Shemnas Sakkina, both work in Mix Max Trading in the sales and purchase department.

"I went to the Gitex Shopper and purchased electronics and mobile phones worth Dh5000. I got several raffle tickets in return and I dropped the raffle coupons in the box. I was lucky to get a prize of Dh20,000 to visit any country of my choice," a jubilant Nazeemudeen told Emirates 24|7.

"We have been friends for several years now and this common prize came as a pleasant surprise to both of us."

"When I went home, my neighbour and colleague Shemnas was also curious about my prize and wanted to visit Gitex shopper. Next day, I took him to the Gitex shopper where he too purchased Dh5000 worth of electronics and mobile phones. He too dropped the raffle coupon in the box and won the same prize. It may be a quite coincidence that we both got the same prize on the third and fourth days of the Gitex shopper," he said.

Both have received the travel plan voucher worth Dh 20,000 each and they are contemplating their travel plans now.

“I have never travelled out of India and the UAE. I am considering either a trip to Paris or Switzerland. If I go to Switzerland with my wife, he will go to Paris,” Nazeemudeen said.

"These two friends getting same prizes has left us all puzzled. It is one of the rare things that we have noticed in the entire raffle draw for the Gitex Shopper 2016 Spring Edition," said Hassan Mosafer Director Exhibitions and Events Management Dubai World Trade Center.


Sai Kiran, an employee of a financial firm in Dubai got Dh50,000 on the last day of the four day electronic and IT shopping event that witnessed huge crowd on the last two days.

"I am happy to be a winner of Dh50,000 from Gitex Shopper 2016," Sai Krian said, while posing for a picture with the key officials of Dubai World Trade Center.

The Indian from Andhra Pradesh is the last but not the least winner in the Gitex Shopper 2016 Spring edition.