UAE Armed Forces free ship from pirates

Picture used for illustrative purposes only. (AFP)

A unit from the UAE's Anti-Terrorist Special Forces, supported by the Air Force and air defence units, last night, successfully freed a UAE-flagged vessel, MV Arrilah, from pirates in the Arabian Sea, east of Oman, an official source from the Armed Forces said.

The vessel, belonging to the Abu Dhabi National Tanker Company, had been attacked and seized by pirates on the morning of April 1.

"The Anti-Terrorist unit, supported by the UAE Air Force and air defence units, and in coordination with the US 5th fleet, boarded the vessel on Saturday, following which, the pirates surrendered. The MV Arrilah, together with all of its crew, is now heading towards the UAE coast," the source added.

"The pirates are under guard and will be handed over to officials of the UAE Ministry of Interior on arrival at Jebel Ali."

"The decisive operation is evidence of the determination of the UAE Government to respond swiftly to any acts of piracy and indicates the UAE's resolve not to yield to such threats," the source concluded.

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