UAE likely to enjoy a 9-day holiday break for Eid

Eid Al Adha is expected to fall on November 6 according to WAM.

This could mean that the UAE could enjoy a nine-day holiday break, including weekends.

November 6 is a Sunday, and as has been the case previously, five days of public holidays may well be declared – till Thursday November 10. This would include schools as well.

Count the weekend (Nov 4-5) before and the one after (Nov 11-12) and the Emirates could be on holiday for nine days.

While the private sector may get three days, that is only till Tuesday, November 8, many people are likely to take two extra days of leave to avail of the full nine day break.

Dhu Al Hijja, the 12th month of the lunar Islamic calendar that marks the beginning of the Haj season and Eid Al Adha, is expected to fall on October 28.

Eid is celebrated on the 10th of this month.

Eid Al Adha, like Ramadan, must be confirmed by moon sighting, as per Islamic tradition.

The moon will emerge on October 26 at 11.56pm.

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