UAE weather alert: Fog engulfs Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway

A searingly hot and humid Friday was accompanied by heavy fog on the road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Motorists reported having to stop and park their cars near the side of the road as the fog was so thick, visibility was down to just a few metres.

The fog was especially intense near Shahama and Ghantoot.

“Thankfully it was between 3am and 4.30am so there was not much traffic. But I could not see anything, so I had to stop and park,” S Salam, who was driving back from Abu Dhabi at the time, told Emirates 24|7.

Humidity levels

As we approach the last weekend in August, the humidity levels are expected to rise further with UAE residents expected to feel the heat over Friday and Saturday, with highs of 90 per cent around western coastal areas.

However, the weekend forecast by the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) states the eastern mountainous region of the UAE will be partly cloudy over parts, with the probability of convective clouds by afternoon on Friday.  

The weather in general on Friday will see average of mid forties, with highs of 48 degrees Celsius in the internal areas, with moderate winds, which could get fresh at times and result in dust and sand blowing over open areas and reducing horizontal visibility.

The winds are expected to die down in the evening an early Saturday morning, but the relative humidity will spike to hit levels reaching 90 per cent near the coast.

The sea on Friday will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough in the Oman Sea.

The weather on Saturday is expected to fall into a similar pattern, expected to be hazy and partly cloudy over some areas, with chances of convective clouds over the eastern mountains.

The heat will continue to plague most of the country, with the Mercury hitting highs of 43 degrees Celsius near the coastal areas, while the internal areas will be higher by an average of five degrees.

The temperatures in the mountains could hit low of 28 degrees Celsius at times.

Meanwhile, humidity levels will continue to sustain highs of 90 per cent around the coastal areas, while the internal areas will experience highs of 70 per cent.

The lowest recorded temperature on Thursday was in Damtha, measuring 24 degrees Celsius at 5.45am.

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