UK citizens willing to pay for second passport

A survey by CS Global Partners has found that 89% of UK citizens would like to have a second citizenship. 81% stated they were willing to invest 5% of their annual salary for the opportunity, while 15% said they would be happy to pay as much as half their annual salary if it meant they could gain a second citizenship.

CS Global Partners, who provide citizenship and residence solutions, shared their views with CEO Micha-Rose Emmett stating:

"The results indicate that people are looking now more than ever for certainty and security amid a landscape of economic and political change. More than four out of five people are willing to put their hard-earned wages behind the prospect of an enhanced international lifestyle, proof that dual citizenship is becoming increasingly popular."

Second citizenship increases a person’s freedom, and with the Brexit decision in 2016 leading many to be concerned as to the future of their travel independence, the survey found that 58% had been motivated by Brexit to look into citizenship options.

Three in five respondents stated that increased freedom and human rights was their primary reason for wanting a second citizenship, while one in six were hopeful that another passport would provide improved business and career opportunities.

The survey, which included 500 participants aged between 18 and 50 years old, also asked participants to share the country they would most like to acquire dual citizenship. Unsurprisingly, Australia topped the list with 14% choosing life down under; a country which has long been a popular choice among expats. Followed by USA, Canada, Germany and Spain.

When asked what citizenship meant to them, 76% said is meant freedom and the ability to travel and explore the world.