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'Unnatural’ friendship ends in bust-up

An Emirati is accused of assaulting and robbing his Filipino friend.

He and his friend also had intimacy with the Filipino, the Dubai Criminal Court heard last week.

KH, 29, a Filipino cook, initially told the police that while he was walking three men assaulted, robbed, kidnapped and raped him. This took place in the Barsha area, he said.

Corporal Abdullah Ahmad rushed to the scene and saw the victim’s cheek was swollen and red.

“He claimed to me that he was assaulted, kidnapped in a car and taken to a villa where he was also raped,” testified the policeman.

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he admitted that he knows the assaulters.

Then the Filipino told First Corporal Isameel Hassan that he had dinner with two friends, MM, 21, and MI, 25 and then rode their car.

On the way, while MM was driving, MI asked the latter to have sex.

The Filipino agreed and as MI finished, he changed with MM who also had similar act with the man.

After finishing, MM drove his car and dropped MI and the Filipino near a hypermarket at Al Barsha and left the area.

While the two were walking, the Filipino tried to dominate the Emirati by asking him not to talk to any men or women including his mother.

“Even if your mother called you, you should not answer her calls,” the Filipino told the Emirati.

As the Emirati heard the word mother, he could not tolerate that and punched him in the face.

The Filipino fell on the ground and so his bag fell.

The Emirati stole the bag which contained Dh3,000, and the Filipino’s mobile.

The Emirati gave the mobile to his friend who sold it later.

Police arrested the two Emiratis who admitted to having consensual sex with the Filipino.

Initially MM claimed that they had consensual sex on the beach where nobody was around and denied assaulting and stealing the Filipino.

MI admitted to having sex and narrated a story in corroboration with that of the Filipino’s.

Later MM admitted that he and his friend had intimacy with the Filipino in the car.

The Filipino is accused for offering sex to men.

The two Emiratis were also accused of committing consensual sodomy with a man.

In addition, MI alone is accused of assaulting and causing a fracture to the Filipino and robbing Dh3,000 and a mobile phone from him.

Before the court, the Filipino denied the charge of offering himself to the men.

The court will reconvene on June 19.