Victim’s brothers refuse to pardon killer

Four Pakistanis whose brother had been murdered by his employee in Ras Al Khaimah refused to pardon the killer and asked court to sentence him to death, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The four, who appeared in court in the murder case, told the judge they would not accept diya (blood money) and insisted the Bangladeshi killer must be sentenced in line with Islamic sharia, the Arabic language daily Emirat Al Youm said.

The judge adjourned the case till the end of this month and asked the four brothers to summon their father from Pakistan since he is also a next of kin to the victim.

The unnamed Bangladeshi had confessed to killing his employer at his shop in the emirate by hitting him on the head with a sharp object many times on the grounds he had kept insulting him.

Under Islamic law, a killer could be saved from execution in case of a pardon by the victim’s relatives in return for diya.

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