Waiter, there is hair in my food: Who tricks whom at UAE eatery?

Two hungry men went into a cheap popular restaurant in Dubai and ordered a big meal, but it was not immediately clear if they had money to pay for it.

Just after the two began eating, they angrily shouted for the waiter and told him there was hair in the dish. After insisting on seeing the restaurant manager, they were politely offered a free meal, which they instantly accepted.

When they filled their bellies with the free food, they trotted out happily as if they felt victorious, but apparently not sorry for the humiliation they caused to the restaurant.

“Just as they were outside, the waiter came running after them. His mood appeared quite different from when he was inside the restaurant,” Emarat Al Youm daily reported.

As he spoke, he was so rude and threatening when he told them the restaurant knew their trick. He said he was sure one of them put a hair in the dish to get a free meal and that the management was sending the hair to the lab to confirm it was theirs.

The waiter told them the manager dealt with them politely just in front of the other customers. The paper said it is still not clear “who tricked whom.”

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