Watchman robs 13 Al Ain villas

Huge stash found in man’s room

The Al Ain Police has arrested a Bangladeshi citizen accused of robbing the very villas he was hired to guard as a watchman, including his own sponsor’s villa. 

According to the police, the accused burgled as many as 13 residential villas in Al Ain.

The police have succeeded in finding most of the stolen items, which the thief hid in his own room.

These items include gold, jewellery electronic devices and other personal items.

Brigadier Hamad Al Amaimi, Director of Al Ain Police, a subsidiary of the Directorate General of Abu Dhabi Police, named the suspect as PEP, aged 27.

He stated that because the man worked as guard for the villas he knew the schedules of those living in the villas and targetted the villas when they were empty.

Brigadier Hamad has warned residents about leaving valuables lying around in the house and urged people to ensure their homes are properly secure.
“One of the main causes of thefts of homes is the use of poor locks - both for doors, windows and for cabinets and safes,” he said.
The accused admitted to robbing the villas and said he planned to sell the loot and send the money back to his homeland.


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