Where UAE residents spent most (and least) in May 2015

The Emirates Consumer Price Index went up by 0.27 per cent in May, compared to the end of April 2015.

The CPI rose to 4.32 per cent, when compared to the end of May 2014. The CPI hit 125.27 points in May 2015 when compared with the base year (2007=100), up from 124,94 in April, according to the latest report by the National Bureau of Statistics.

The findings of the CPI report for May 2015 at the national level show increases in the following major expenditure groups:

Food and Soft Drinks + 1.42%

Restaurants and Hotels+ 0.48%

Housing + 0.22%

Miscellaneous Goods and Services + 0.16%

Transportation + 11%

Furniture and household goods + 11%

At the same time, there were decreases in other major expenditure groups:

Textiles, Clothing and Footwear  -1.26%  

Recreation and Culture -0.17%                                                     

Communications -0.01%

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