White points system for 'good' motorists

A law-abiding driver would have white points credited to his driving licence, which would then help him mitigate black points in case of small offences, a senior Dubai Police official announced Monday.

The details of the new system, which would reward or punish motorists according to their road behaviour, are likely to the announced in a month, Gulf News reported.

The system, which will enable motorists to accumulate ‘white points' if they have not committed any traffic violations for a whole year, is the brainchild of Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim and aims to encourage motorists to abide by traffic laws.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Director of the Dubai Police Traffic Department said that a meeting was held Monday to coordinate plans and work out mechanisms to implement the new system and study any other related requirements.

"The white points can help in scrapping simple offences or reducing car impounding period in case of major traffic violations," Maj Gen Al Zafein informed.

The white points plan is the opposite of black points system, launched in 2008, in which motorists points added to their account corresponding to their traffic offences. An accumulation of 24 black points in a year would the licence of the offender suspended for three months and second or third straight accumulation would see the licence suspend for six months and a year respectively.

Similarly, a year free of violations would see white points credited to the driver’s account, the number of which is not yet decided.

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