Woman faces 10-year jail for killing father

An Australian woman faces at least 10 years in jail for killing her father, who she believed sexually-abused her daughter.

The woman, whose name was not revealed for legal reasons, stabbed the 62-year-old several times using an AK-47 bayonet, Herald Sun reported.

The 27-year-old has pleaded guilty to the ‘revengeful and retaliatory’ attack on her father, who she says admitted to the act before he was killed.

However, Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Curtain said that there was a "paucity'' of evidence that her father actually abused the five-year-old, but it was not disputed by the prosecution that she genuinely believed it.

"By your actions your father suffered an untimely and brutal death,'' she said in her Supreme Court sentence.

According to the accused’s statement recorded by the prosecution, the woman's daughter told her of the abuse by referring to "Poppy's purple unicorn,’’ which enraged her.

The records also show that in the days leading up to the murder she told a friend she would exact revenge. That’s what she did exactly.

She bought an AK 47 bayonet from an army disposals store and a pair of gloves and decided to kill him when he came for a regular chat after work. On the fateful day when the father came as usual she confronted him with the allegations, to which according to her statements he admitted. Following which the daughter stabbed him seven times with the bayonet, puncturing his heart and liver and killing him consequently.

The mother of two bought had a troubled life with two children to two fathers who did not support her and a third relationship with a violent man who went to jail for assaulting her.

The Judge said that the sustained troubles had caused multiple health and mental problems to the accused, including various personality disorders, epilepsy, depression and addiction to amphetamines.

"At the time of the offending your mental state was very troubled,'' Justice Curtain said.

She set a maximum term of 15 years.

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