Woman fined Dh4,400 for untidy garden

In many countries, people are fined for littering in public places. In the UK, authorities go further by punishing those who are not tidy at their own homes.

A woman from North Wales was ordered to pay 762 pounds (Dh4,420) by a local court for failing to heed Town warnings and tidy up her overgrown back garden.

Hospital Worker Carole Pennel could have ended up paying 51,100 pounds (Dh29.600) on an average daily penalty of 100 pounds as she was served with a notice in late 2011.

The woman from the Welsh town of Dyserth admitted her mistake in court this week but told the judge that she was under work pressure and that she was caring for her elderly parents, according to the local Rhyl Journal newspaper.

“The property is alongside the main access to a large estate and is not only out of character with the area but also affects the amenity of the neighborhood,” Philip Patel, a prosecutor for Country Council, told court in nearby Prestatyn.

Pennel was fined 511 pounds and ordered to pay costs of 200 pounds and a victim surcharge of 51 pounds, the paper said.

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