Woman gets 3-month jail for breaching privacy

An Asian woman, identified as SBA, was sentenced to three months in jail and fined Dh500 for breaching the privacy women at a fitness centre.

SBH, who worked at a fitness centre in Khorfakkan, was found guilty by Khorfakkan Court of Appeal of secretly filming videos of women exercising at the fitness centre.

The court has ordered deportation of SBH after she serves the sentence, while acquitted the second accused in the case.

SBH was arrested following a police complaint by two people that their wives and other women were being secretly filmed by woman at the fitness centre.

Upon interrogation by Khorfakkan Police SBH pleaded guilty to the offence and charged that an Arab colleague identified as MSHA instigated her into the act.

The police managed to arrest the MSHA, who had fled the scene, after a short operation, but lack of evidence led to her acquittal.

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