Woman in SR2.3m extortion over naked pic

A woman tried to extort money from a rich Saudi man by demanding SR2.3 million or she would publicise a photograph of his naked body, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Instead of paying her, the man, in his 50s, reported the woman to the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

Sabq Arabic language daily said Commission members told the man to go along with the unidentified woman and pretend that he accepted her demand.

“He went to an agreed meeting and handed her the money. Once she opened the bag to count the money, Commission members jumped and arrested her,” it said in a report from the eastern Saudi province of Ihsa.

Baby hurt by nurse during birth

A baby boy suffered from a head injury during birth after the nurse applied extra pressure while pulling him out with the help of a doctor in Saudi Arabia.

Trying to cover up for that mistake, the doctor prevented the baby’s father from seeing his son for a few days on the grounds he has a temporary infection.

“Another nurse told the father that his son has no infection that he has a head injury….when the man insisted on seeing his son, he noticed that he had stitches on the head,” Sharq newspaper said in a report from the southern town of Najran.

It said the father, Hussein Sadran, reported the accident to health authorities and that he insists on punishing those responsible.

Ex-cop kills brother of four kids

A former Saudi police man believed to be suffering from mental problems used his gun to kill his brother after an argument at their house in the Gulf kingdom.

After shooting his 35-year-old brother, who has four sons, the man rushed to the roof of the house in the western town of Taif and barricaded himself with the gun.

Police later overpowered the man and arrested him, according to Alsaudi newspaper, which said the victim was a police man.


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