Which Dubai women commit most crimes?

Crimes by women within the jurisdiction of Bur Dubai police station rose about 14 per cent from 2,867 in 2011 to 3,281 in the following year, according to Colonel Ali Ghanim, director of the police station.

Shoplifting, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution and attempted suicide were some of the main crimes women were involved in, said Col. Ghanim.
Women of various nationalities were accused of crimes in 2012.
Filipinas topped the list with 1,030 cases during this year, followed by Emiratis (384), Indians (285), Pakistanis (145), Iranians (111), Britons (105), Egyptians (95), Lebanese (87), Jordanians (71) and Moroccans (69).

The figures for 2011 were as follows: Filipinas (927), Emiratis ((318), Indians (270), Pakistanis (81), Iranians (101), Britons (97), Egyptians (86), Lebanese (70), Jordanians (63) and Moroccans (89).

Col. Ghanim said women criminals sometimes have male accomplices, especially for selling stolen goods. Women sometimes worked together with men accomplices in cases of fraud.

He said some women in ‘niqab’ were found to be behind shoplifting from a number of malls. Though the ‘niqab’ made their identification difficult, surveillance cameras tracked the culprits to their car whose number was noted. Their vehicle was followed to their house which was raided later and stolen goods seized.
Col Ghanim also cited the case of a 21-year-old European woman who died of drug overdose in a hotel.

He also said children of women convicted of crimes sometimes have to stay with their mothers in prison for no fault of theirs.

Rashidiya Police Station: Murder and beatings

Contrary to common perception of the public, there is considerable involvement of women in crime in the UAE, according to a top Dubai police officer.
As many as 932 crimes involving women of various nationalities living in the UAE were reported to the Rashidiya police station in 2012, a slight decline from 934 in 2011, according to Colonel Saleh Al Rahumi, director of the police station.

Women have also been found to be involved in violent crimes like murder, Al Rahumi said.
Other violent crimes like beatings by women reported to Rashidiya police station rose from 46 cases in 2011 to 50 in 2012, he added.

Al Rahumi cited the case of PG, a 41-year-old Pakistani woman, who killed a 65-year-old compatriot in a villa in Rashidiya. The dead body was found by a man who had rented the one-room house to the woman.

Women have also been involved in cases of torture of other women. An Arab woman used to hit and lock up her housemaid in the toilet for several days, which led to her death, Al Rahumi said.

He also cited the well-known case of Wadeema and her sister who were tortured by their Emirati father and his girlfriend.

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