2 Asians attempt to con bank of Dh750,000

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced two Asians to six months in jail for forging documents and attempting to obtain Dh750,000 loan from a bank.

The convicts will be deported after serving their jail terms.

A bank sales officer KM, 37, Indian, suspected MM, 33, Iranian investor and MH, Afghani who filed application for loan of Dh750,000.

After checking the salary certificate and labour ID card submitted along with the application it was proved to be forged.

The application, salary certificate and labour ID carried the name Mohammed S.

Similarly the Emirates Identity card and the residency on the submitted passport were proved forged.

There was no such identity in the data base of the Emirates Identity Authority and the Dubai Residency and Foreign Affairs Department.

The statement of another bank which the two claimed having a bank account with was also forged.

CCTV footage at the bank showed the two Asians committed fraud with other banks as well.

Police tried to trap the two when they approached the bank to collect the loan. However, police could arrest only the Iranian partner MM while his Afghani companion MH, ran away.

Six credit cards were confiscated in the possession of the Iranian investor. One of the cards belonged to the same bank that he attempted to fraud. The rest five belonged to different banks which had also lodged a complaint against him.

Police also confiscated two forged residency visas. 

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