300,000 foreign tourists in Nepal at time of quake

The deadly quake struck at a busy time of year for tourism in the country. (AFP)

Here are details released by some foreign governments on citizens who were in Nepal at the time a strong earthquake hit on Saturday, killing more than 3,200 people.

The 7.9-magnitude quake struck at midday on Saturday at a busy time of year for tourism-reliant Nepal's trekking and climbing season, with an estimated 300,000 foreign tourists in the country, several hundred of those on Mount Everest.

Countries are listed in alphabetical order.

Australia: 549 Australians registered as travelling in Nepal, 200 confirmed safe. No reports of Australian deaths.

Austria: Around 250 Austrians in Nepal, no reports of any casualties.

Bangladesh: Fifty nationals, including members of the country's under-14 girls' football team, evacuated. No information on exact number of nationals in Nepal.

Britain: Several hundred Britons believed to be in Nepal. No reports of deaths or injuries.

China: State news agency Xinhua, quoting the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, reports four people confirmed dead and 10 seriously injured. Xinhua said at least 20 people were killed in Tibet.

Colombia: Seven nationals missing. No reports of any deaths or injuries.

Croatia: Four tourists, all accounted for.

Czech Republic: 155 nationals in Nepal, 54 have not yet been contacted.

France: French authorities have located 1,098 nationals, but another 674 are still not in touch. No reports of casualties.

Greece: Two Greek nationals safe.

India: Five Indians killed in Nepal, and another 66 in Indian regions over the border. So far, 1,417 Indians evacuated from Nepal.

Indonesia: Thirty-four nationals in Nepal, 18 of them residents. Eighteen have not yet been contacted.

Ireland: About 100 citizens in the affected region. Many have been contacted.

Italy: More than 300 Italians in Nepal have been traced, others not yet contacted.

Japan: Japan's Foreign Ministry said one Japanese man was killed and a woman was injured. Some 1,100 Japanese living in Nepal are registered with the embassy, but no information on the number of nationals travelling through.

Latvia: Forty-one nationals have been contacted. No reports of injuries.

Lithuania: Fifty-five Lithuanian nationals in Nepal, of whom five were not reachable.

Malaysia: All Malaysians in Nepal are accounted for and safe, including a team of Malaysian climbers at the Everest base camp.

Mexico: Twenty-eight Mexican nationals are safe. One missing.

Norway: About 150 nationals in Nepal, no reports of any dead or injured.

Pakistan: About 30 nationals have been evacuated from Nepal, no information on exact number.

Philippines: Two Filipino climbers are reported safe.

Portugal: All seven Portuguese known to be in Nepal are safe.

Romania: Twenty-eight Romanians in Nepal, including mountaineer Alex Gavan and three others, all reported to be safe.

Russia: Tass news agency, citing Emergencies Ministry, says no casualties among Russians.

Singapore: No information on the exact number, but the majority of the registered Singaporeans in Nepal have been contacted.

Sri Lanka: Around 100 Sri Lankans have sought help for evacuation. No casualties reported.

South Korea: Three nationals injured in the earthquake. 650 residents and as many as 1,000 travellers are estimated to have been in Nepal.

Sweden: Around 150 Swedes known to be in Nepal, no reports of casualties. Most have been accounted for.

Taiwan: Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said 179 Taiwanese were in Nepal at the time of the quake. Of those, 151 had been confirmed safe, the whereabouts of the other 28 were unknown.