60 pounds of pot cloggs sewer line

Authorities have found about 50 to 60 pounds of marijuana they believe smugglers tried to get into Arizona via a sewer pipe that runs through the US and Mexico.

The four bundles caused the sewer line to back up and spill into a Nogales, Arizona, home. They believe smugglers sent the drugs through the sewer in Mexico and that someone in the US side caught them by approaching the sewer through an illegal tunnel under the house.

City officials discovered waste coming out of the house on Sunday, said City Manager Shane Dille. A video feed showed bundles blocking the sewage line, but it was two days before the city could get to the packages.

The spill destroyed the house near the border and affected two businesses nearby. The city has been cleaning the area and on Tuesday night discovered the bundles of marijuana in the sewage line, Dille said.

Police have made no arrests, and an investigation is ongoing, Dille said.

Dille said it appears nobody lived at the house with the underground tunnel, and that the owner lives out of state and pays a local property management company to rent the home.

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