8-year-old given to carry bag with bomb

An Afghan girl like this one was the lone tragic victim of attempt to bomb police (Reuters)

An eight-year-old Afghan girl was killed when insurgents detonated a bomb in a bag which they had given her to take to police nearby, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

The incident happened in the southern province of Uruzgan on Saturday, the ministry said in a statement.

"The enemies of peace and stability committed another unforgivable and shameful crime -- an explosive-laden bag was handed to her and she was told to take it to police," the statement said.

"The child, pure-hearted and in good faith, took the bag and moved towards the police vehicle. As she got close to the police vehicle, the enemy detonated the bomb by remote control, killing the innocent child."

No police or other civilians were killed, it added.

The ministry did not specify which insurgent group was responsible but the Taliban are the main militant group waging a near-decade-long insurgency against the Western-backed Kabul administration.

The attack happened on the same day 38 people were killed by a suicide car bombing at a hospital in Logar province, south of the capital Kabul.

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