Deadliest days for NATO in Afghan campaign



Eight NATO soldiers and a contractor were killed in a shooting in Kabul by an Afghan pilot on Wednesday in the worst single incident for foreign forces in Afghanistan for months.

After a bloody 2010 in which 711 foreign troops died, at least 144 foreign troops have been killed so far this year, according to the independent website.

Following is a list of some of the deadliest days for NATO since the US-invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 ousted the Taliban:


June 28: Sixteen US soldiers are killed when a rocket fired by Taliban insurgents in the eastern province of Kunar hits a Chinook transport helicopter.


April 8: Six Canadian soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) are killed in southern Afghanistan when their vehicle is hit by a roadside bomb.

May 31: Seven soldiers, including five Americans, die when their transport helicopter is hit by a rocket in the southern province of Helmand.

July 4: Six Canadian soldiers and their Afghan interpreter are killed when their armoured vehicle is blown up by a roadside bomb in the south.

November 10: A firefight with Taliban insurgents in the northeast leaves six NATO and two Afghan soldiers dead.


July 13: Nine American soldiers are killed in fierce fighting in Kunar province.

August 18: Ten French soldiers are killed in a Taliban ambush in the Uzbin valley east of Kabul.


September 17: Six Italian soldiers die in a Kabul bomb attack.

October 3: Eight American soldiers are killed in combat in the eastern province of Nuristan, which borders Pakistan.

October 26: A total of 14 Americans are killed in two helicopter crashes.

October 27: Eight American soldiers die in a series of bombings in the south.

December 30: Seven Americans working for the CIA and a Jordanian intelligence agent are killed by an Al-Qaeda suicide attack on an American base in Khost province.


January 11: Six NATO soldiers -- three Americans, two French and a Briton -- are killed in combat.

May 18: Six NATO soldiers die in a Taliban suicide attack on a convoy in Kabul. Two other soldiers are killed on the day, with four dead the day before.

June 7: Bombings in the south and east kill 10 seven American troops, two Australians and one French soldier.

June 22: Ten NATO troops, mostly Americans, die in separate incidents across the country.

July 13-14: Twelve Americans die in a series of rebel attacks in the south.

August 30: Seven US troops die in two Taliban-style bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan.

September 21: Nine ISAF troops are killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, with another two ISAF soldiers, an Afghan soldier and a US civilian injured.

October 13: Six NATO soldiers are killed, five in bomb attacks and one fighting insurgents.

October 14: Eight NATO soldiers, including a Pole, are killed in bomb attacks in different parts of the country.

November 5: Six NATO soldiers are killed in two days of fighting with the Taliban in the east and south of Afghanistan.

November 14: In one weekend, 10 NATO troops are killed -- including seven in a single day -- in blasts and an insurgent attack.

December 12: An insurgent attack in the south kills six NATO soldiers.


January 12: Five NATO soldiers killed in the south and east of the country, including three in bomb attacks.

April 16: Suicide attack kills five NATO soldiers in eastern Afghanistan and a bomb kills three more in the south.

April 27: Eight NATO soldiers and a contractor die in a shooting at a training centre in Kabul carried out by an Afghan pilot.

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