Family faces huge bill for premature baby

Baby will need to be in the NICU for the next 45-60 days, until he weighs 2-kilos. (Supplied)

An Indian couple in Al Quoz are distressed over the premature birth of their firstborn.

Sam and Sujole, who have been married for four years, were just three months away from welcoming their firstborn when they were hit by a sudden complication.

“On May 26, Sujole complained of shivering and bleeding and was rushed to a Dubai hospital in an ambulance,” said Sam’s co-brother Linson. “We didn’t even know about these developments until the next day.

“She had high BP and doctors had to conduct an emergency C-section.”

Their baby, who arrived three months before his due date, had to be admitted to the NICU.

With daily charges of Dh2,500, the father is now worried about how he’ll pay the hospital bills.

Weighing just 800gm, the premature born will need to be in the NICU for the next 45-60 days, until he weighs 2-kilos.

Working as an a/c technician for a monthly salary of Dh4,000, Sam’s company does not have medical cover for his family.

In fact, Sam and his wife Sujole were scheduled to fly to India on June 15. “She was set to deliver in Kerala because Sam didn’t have medical insurance.”

Linson and his wife (Sujole’s sister) have stepped in to support the family. “We got her mother here so she has someone to look after her. Both of them (Sam and Sujole) are in a bad state.

“He sits quietly, and asks us how he’ll be able to pay the hospital bill.”

Linson and his wife have not told Sujole about the costs. “She is still suffering from high BP, so we don’t want to stress her out.

“She now needs to focus on herself and her baby.”

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