Father gets drunk and rapes daughter

Mother doesn't believe child and tells her to stop lying; Grandmother reports to police

A Saudi man got drunk, went into his teenage daughter’s room and raped her, taking advantage of the absence of his wife for work.

When her mother returned home, the 17-year-old girl told her what her father had done but the mother did not believe her and told her to stop lying.
A few days later, the father raped his daughter four times, pushing her to flee to her grandmother’s house in the western town of Makkah.
“When she told her about the rape, the grandmother was stunned…she took her straight to the police and reported the father,” Sabq daily said.
“The girl is now lying at hospital suffering from a severe trauma according to doctors……police brought her father to say sorry but she started shaking and then screamed at them ‘get him out of my face.”
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