'Ghost' of a child captured in photograph

A man who was taking pictures of his pet cats was in for a surreal surprise. When he was leafing through the pictures that he had clicked, he noticed a blurred outline of a toddler in the background of one of his pictures.

When he investigated, he learnt that there had been an incident of cot death in the same apartment years ago, reports Daily Mail.

That explained why the television changes channels on its own and why sometimes the lights flickered without anyone playing with the switches.

The man, who lives with his girlfriend, says that they have felt a supernatural presence in the apartment. Their pets also act strangely at times as if they can feel someone's presence inside the house.

The couple were not scared to learn about the presence of toddler's ghost whom they have named 'Johnny Junior'. They do not have any plans to move out as they feel that the ghost is a friendly one and has no plans to harm them.

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