Man rapes grand daughter for years

A 68-year-old Moroccan man raped his little grand daughter for many years before he and a worker at his farm were arrested after she was found pregnant, a newspaper in the north African Arab country said on Thursday.

Fatima was only about five years old when her father decided to take her to live with his rich father who owned a large farm in the central town of Khouribga, apparently not aware of his father’s evil intentions.

Shortly after her father went back home, Fatima’s grand father began his advances and a few months later he started to molest her.

After a couple of years, the old man began to sleep with his own grand daughter, threatening to kill her if she tells her father. Fatima was later raped by a worker at her grand father’s farm, prompting the old man to sack that worker.

“He then started to live with her as a wife…he was giving her contraceptives and threatening to slaughter her like an animal if she tries to tell her father or escape,” the Moroccan Arabic language daily Al Sabah said.

“Fatima said she tried many times to flee but did not know where to go as she did not know how to reach her father…her ordeal came to an end when a dispute over a car erupted between her father and her grand father.”

The paper said her father demanded the return of Fatima, who broke the news of her ordeal to him. He reported his father and the worker to the police, who arrested both despite their denial of raping her.

“The grand father then told his son that Fatima is pregnant although he was giving her contraceptives…medical tests confirmed her pregnancy and the loss of her virginity,” the paper added.

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