Revealed: Which nationalities live the longest?

Ever wondered which nationalities live the longest? You don’t have to wonder anymore, as it has been answered by the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) latest update to its Word Factbook – an official reference resource.

Monaco trumps every other country in the world in terms of the average life expectancy of its citizens. According to the World Factbook, those born in Monaco are expected to live an average age of 89.68 years, i.e., a baby born today will live until 2101 – an average that no other nationality can boast of.

Why do they live longer than anyone else? For starters, you might want to credit a tiny population and a high GDP per capita for the higher average age: Monegasques enjoy a GDP of $6 billion (GDP per capita of $74,404) – enough money, one would imagine, to look after the healthcare needs of a population of just 30,510.

Nationals in the Chinese peninsula of Macau have the second best average life expectancy of 84.43 years – five years less than those in Monaco – and a Macau baby born today will, on an average, live until 2096.

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The Japanese, with an average life expectancy of 83.91 years are the third in line, followed by the Singaporeans (83.75 years) and the Sammarinese (nationals of the southern European country of San Marino), who enjoy an average life expectancy of 83.07 years.

So, where does UAE stand? Way below at No. 71 (out of a total 221 countries), with Emiratis enjoying an average life expectancy of 76.71 years at birth. In fact, none of the GCC countries figure in the Top 50. GCC topper Bahrain (average life expectancy of 78.29 years) debuts at No. 52 on the list, followed by Qatar at No. 54 (78.09 years), Kuwait at No. 66 (77.28 years), and then the UAE.

Nationals of GCC peers Oman and Saudi Arabia don’t feature in the Top 100, with Omanis enjoying an average life expectancy of 74.47 years (No. 103) while the Saudis living an average of 74.35 years (No. 107).

Among other major expat nationalities in the country, the British enjoy an average life expectancy of 80.17 years (No. 30), Americans have an average age of 78.49 years (No. 50), Sri Lankans live an average 75.94 years (No. 82), followed by Filipinos (71.94 years, No. 132), Indonesians (71.62 years, No. 135), Bangladeshis (70.06 years, No. 147), Indians (67.14 years, No. 160), Pakistanis (66.35 years, No. 165) and South Africans (49.41 years, No. 219).

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