Thieves pose as fake wedding party, rob couple

A theft, reported as the strangest of its kind in Egypt, has been reported by Emarat Al Youm.

According to the report,  a group of thieves formed a fake wedding party.

They then staged a fight in a neighbourhood where the actual bridal couple to be were to move in after their wedding.

As the brawl broke out, nobody in the neighbourhood knew that this was being staged.

The bride's family asked the groom’s to return furniture and other things provided.

When the groom’s family refused and one party broke the door down of the brand new apartment and moved everything out in a truck.

After two hours the whole neighborhood was surprised when another wedding party, the real one, rolled into the area.

It was then that they realised that what happened – the previous one was fake and the furniture and other stuff was stolen.

The groom then reported the theft to the police.

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