Three girls face lawsuit for internet abuse

In another case of growing internet misuse, three girls who posted a mean-spirited video about their classmate on Facebook are facing a lawsuit in Texas, USA.
The video was filmed by three unnamed students from a school in Kingwood, Texas, about 50lm from Houston, making derogatory comments about their classmate, the Houston Chronicle reported.
Father of the alleged victim, Jason Medley, a lawyer informed school officials and sent cease-and-desist demands to the three girls and their parents. 

Medley had sent notices saying he would sue unless the girls stopped all communication with his daughter and their families did not donate at least $5000 each to the nonprofit Centre for Safe and Responsible Internet Use.
Upon receiving no response by a deadline he set for early June, he filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the girls.
The lawsuit accuses them of making defamatory and false statements that "impute sexual impropriety and misconduct" to his daughter. It also alleges that the girls threatened to physically harm his daughter in the video.
He is seeking a permanent injunction to prevent the three from contacting her, the newspaper said.
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