Two men sued for breaking falcon’s wing

A Kuwaiti falcon owner is suing two men for breaking his bird’s wing after they caught it by their net, mistaking it for a pigeon, a newspaper in the Gulf emirate reported on Saturday.

The man was training his falcon on hunting pigeons but the bird itself was hunted as a pigeon by two other Kuwaitis, Alanba said.

The paper said the two were using a large net to hunt pigeons and other birds when they saw the falcon perching at a nearby rock.

“They threw the net on it and caught, thinking it is a pigeon….as they tried to drag it, they broke its wing,” the paper said.

“The falcon owner told court he was shocked by the savage way the two handed his bird when he arrived to get it back…he told court his falcon’s wing is worth KD3,000 ($10,200).”

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