Woman stabs neighbour for 'defaming' her

A 30-year-old Moroccan clerk, KL, allegedly stabbed her neighbour in revenge for revealing her debt. The victim suffered five per cent permanent disability, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

FW, 25, Morocan, housewife, testified that on January 6, she received a phone call from KL at around 2,30am but she did not answer it.“ I had another call, so as I finished I returned the call of KL, but she did not answer. I went down to her flat and asked her about the reason of her call. She told me that I am defaming her reputation among the girls and that she got Dh500 from me. I asked her to confront me with the girls who are saying that.  She told me that she will counter my fact and surprised me showing a knife. She tried stabbing me but I defended myself with my bag. But she managed to stab my stomach and leg. As I fell down to the ground, she dragged me to the lift. She asked me for my house keys. However, the lift went down. As the door opened, she ran away and I asked for help to call the police,” testified the victim.

NGF, 21, Pakistani student who stays in the same building testified that as the door of the lift opened he saw an Arab woman lying in the lift. “I called the watchman and told him about that,” he testified.

Alaa Mahmoud, 20, Egyptian, watchman testified that following the information he got from the Pakistani student, he went and saw the woman in the lift bleeding, so he called the police.He informed that the accused had asked him if the victim stays alone in her flat as she wanted to share the accommodation with her.

Police confiscated alcohol from the accused's house. She confessed to stabbing the victim with a piece of jar.

Forensic reported that the victim sustained a 5 per cent permanent disability.The court will reconvene on June 12.

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