Workers accused of beating boss to death in India

Staff wielding iron bars allegedly beat to death an executive at an Indian-Japanese firm outside New Delhi, in protest against the sacking of fellow employees, newspapers said on Monday.

Joginder Singh, 45, a human resources manager at Allied Nippon, died on Sunday, one day after suffering head and chest injuries in clashes with hundreds of workers at the auto parts firm, the Times of India said.

Two other senior managers at the firm in the satellite town of Ghaziabad near the Indian capital were being treated in hospital, the paper reported, adding that nine people had been arrested.

"The trouble started so suddenly that we have not been able to fix the responsibility of either the workers or the company (bosses). Parties are blaming each other," said Ghaziabad police chief AK Vijeta.

Allied Nippon human resources vice-president Mahendra Chowdhary told reporters on Sunday that the staff had launched a "premeditated and unprovoked" assault on the managers.

"Workers attacked and chased the human resources staff and those on the board of directors," he said.

Some reports said 400 employees had been involved, and that Singh had been eating lunch when he was bludgeoned with iron rods and other heavy equipment from the factory.

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