300m-1 odds: Three siblings born at 7.43am

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A couple are celebrating the birth of their third child born at exactly 7.43, The Sun reported.

PC Matt Rigby, 31, and partner Lowry Dairsley defied odds estimated at 300 million to one when Harrison arrived at the same time.

Hospital records show their first daughter Ella was born at 7.43am in October 2005.

Then Evie was born at 7.43pm on Boxing Day 2007.

Matt celebrated that amazing coincidence with a tattoo on his arm reading: "Seven Forty Three."

But he and Lowry were even more gobsmacked last Thursday when Harrison showed his head at 7.41am, and was finally born two minutes later.

Last night phone banking assistant Lowry, 26, of Salford, Greater Manchester, said: "We were speechless when the first two were born.

"When we found I was pregnant with Harrison we joked that it would be incredible if the same happened. When I went into hospital at 5pm on Wednesday we forgot about it and concentrated on the labour.

"At 6.30am I felt the urge to push and when we next looked at the clock it was 7.41am.

"I was asked to wait for the next contraction by the midwife before she delivered him two minutes later. The doctors and midwives were speechless."

Matt added: "I looked up at the clock and it was 7.43. We couldn't believe the coincidence."

His lottery numbers now include combinations of seven, four and three.

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