Best of web: Check out the Royal spoof video

T-Mobile take on the wedding goes viral

A spoof royal wedding video of the royal family dancing up the aisle has become the internet's latest viral sensation.

The advertisement for British phone company T-Mobile received 3.5 million views on YouTube in just two days.

The video features a "right royal knees" up with uncanny look-alikes grooving down the aisle to the song House of Love by 1990s boy band East 17.

The Archbishop of Canterbury leaps to the altar, followed by a prancing Princess Anne and Zara Phillips, a skipping Prince Edward, a bottom-bumping Charles and Camilla, a clapping Queen, and a pelvis-thrusting Harry.

The church breaks into cheers when Prince William leap frogs his brother and fist pumps the air before pointing to his bride.

Catherine, dressed in a strapless gown, hip grinds with her husband-to-be and then grooves to the altar.

Teen survives fall from Golden Gate bridge


A 16-year-old girl has survived a fall from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

The Fire Department and the US Coast Guard said the girl was in the water for 20 minutes yesterday before being pulled to safety conscious and responsive.

She was transported to Marin General Hospital, but her condition wasn't immediately available.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that it was not known if the girl jumped or fell.

Officials said about 25 people a year die in jumps from the bridge, roughly 60.96 metres above the water.

In March, a 17-year-old boy survived after leaping from the bridge.

Officials don't believe it was a suicide attempt.

Man sleeps with daughter, then marries her

A Brisbane court heard how a father slept with his daughter and then, later married her.

The man is likely to be jailed for a single carnal act almost 15 years ago.

At the time of the criminal act the future groom was aged 42 and the soon to be mother was his 11-year-old step-daughter, Australia’s The Courier-Mail said.

A Brisbane District Court was last week told now convicted child sex offender, who is now raising the 14-year-old child who was the fruit of the illegal act, was facing a seven-year stint when he was originally charged by police in 1995.

But, he fled interstate after being twice given bail and jailed for several months and was able to elude police for 14 years, 18 months and three days.

During that time he returned to Brisbane undetected by authorities and married the girl, who by then had turned 18.

They produced a second child - a son - in 2005.

The man, now aged 58 and who until his recapture in March resided on Brisbane's northside and cannot be named to protect his "victim", pleaded guilty on Friday to an act of unlawful carnal knowledge with a girl in his care under 12 during the September 1995 school holidays.

UK faces 11-day Easter break thanks to Royal Wedding


Millions of workers will enjoy the ultimate ‘free holiday’ thanks to a late Easter break swiftly followed by the Royal Wedding in Britain.

By taking just three days’ leave, they could enjoy an unprecedented 11-day break starting on Friday.

According to The Daily Mail, quoting a prediction from accountants RSM Tenon, it could knock up to £30billion off economic output.

EasyJet yesterday described the next two weeks as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime bank holiday extravaganza’.

Forecasters predict fine weather for the Easter weekend, beginning with a warm and dry Friday.

The royal wedding is also followed by the first May bank holiday, which means there are two consecutive four-day weekends.

As a result, there are just 18 working days in April.

RSM Tenon calculates a typical bank holiday costs the economy about £6billion. But the upcoming four could amount to a £30billion loss.

Brit ‘agoraphobic’ singer is internet hit in China

Blessed with a beautiful singing voice and a talent for song-writing, Jemma Pixie Hixon is a youtube star who has agoraphobia.

A condition which left her so frightened of the outside world she has been unable to leave her house for two years.

According to the Daily Mail, she has decided to film herself singing in a makeshift recording studio in her bedroom in Malvern, Worcestershire, using a webcam then post the footage on the internet.

Thanks to those recordings Miss Hixon, 20, is now a big name in China and Japan, and more than two million have watched her performances on the video-sharing website YouTube.

She performs a mixture of covers of chart hits and her own songs, and last month, one video achieved ‘most viewed’ status in China.

She said: ‘For the last two years I’ve been struggling with agoraphobia. I used to perform all the time and I really wanted a way I could continue.
‘I decided to put my songs up on YouTube so I could share them with lots of people, even though I’m still housebound.’

Miss Hixon, who lives with her parents Tonia, 50, and Mark, 49, in a six-bedroom detached home, has never suffered stage fright and even once sang on live television.

Miss Hixon said she hopes her internet fame will make it easier for her to conquer her fears.

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