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Nayar dating Liz Hurley look-alike


LONDON: Elizabeth Hurley's jilted husband Arun Nayar is apparently dating a model who looks just like her - but is 20 years younger, reports Daily Mail.

Kim Johnson, with her glossy chestnut hair and sparkling green eyes, bears a striking resemblance to Hurley. But having just turned 25, Johnson is a full 20 years younger than her, claims the paper.

Indian textile tycoon Nayar is reportedly in a relationship with Johnson and has been spending time with her at his luxurious 650,000 pounds flat in Kensington, West London, the daily added.

Last week, the couple is reported to have enjoyed three nights at his flat and has been spotted sharing kisses with him.

Previously, Hurley announced the end of her three-year marriage to Nayar amid claims that she was dating former Australian cricketer Shane Warne.
Woman dances 123 hours for Guinness record

KOCHI, INDIA: She practiced an Indian classical dance for 10 hours a day and ran for 28 miles (45 kilometers) to build her stamina. Then she danced and danced and danced some more.

For 123 hours and 15 minutes, Kalamandalam Hemaletha danced the Mohiniyattam. It is one of the eight Indian classical dance forms, a solo recital by women.

Her effort earned the 37-year-old mother a Guinness record for the longest dance.

Hemaletha said she danced "to earn a rightful place" for the native dance form."

Guinness World Records official Amarilis Whitty confirmed the record Thursday. It took place in September in Thrissur, a town in southern Kerala state.

Hemaletha said she received a certificate from the Guinness World Records two days ago. 
Mother to freeze eggs for infertile daughter


LONDON: Mackenzie Stephens, who is two years old now, was born without ovaries, and will never be able to have children in the normal way.

But her mother already wants to take steps to make sure it can happen. So, Penny Jarvis plans to freeze her own eggs so that her daughter can use them to have babies by IVF, reports Daily Mail.

If this happened, the test-tube baby would be a half-sibling of its birth mother as well as another child of its grandmother. The baby’s father would be fertilising his mother-in-law’s egg. In addition the baby’s aunts and uncles would also be its half-brothers and sisters.

The ethical implications would be immense, adds the paper.
Granny, 56 to wed toyboy number 9

LONDON: Grandmother Pat Higgins insists her ninth and latest marriage – to someonw who is 32 years her junior – will last forever.

She no doubt makes the same promise to herself each time she walks down the aisle, reports Daily Mail.

Higgins' track record doesn't inspire the same confidence in others. Her longest marriage lasted five years. Her shortest was just five days.

The eight previous marriages – and subsequent divorces – have earned her the dubious title of the Black Widow. They have even topped that of actress Elizabeth Taylor, who has married eight times to seven different men, says the paper.

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