Best of Web: Ponting, did you watch Sachin?

India batsman Sachin Tendulkar (C) walks back to the pavilion as West Indies bowler Ravi Rampaul (R) celebrates his wicket during the cricket world cup match between India and West Indies at The M. A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai on March 20, 2011. (AFP)

Sachin walks, Ponting are you watching?

CHENNAI: A day after Australian captain Ricky Ponting refused to walk after being caught behind, waiting instead for the third umpire to decide his fate, Sachin Tendulkar showed just why the gentelemen's game is still alive and kicking as he walked back to the pavilion after edging a Ravi Rampaul delivery in the game against the West Indies at Chennai on Sunday.

The crowd at the stadium and the television spectators who were hoping to see his hundredth international hundred arrive on the colourful festival of Holi were surely disappointed, but the respect for the man touched a new high as he set yet another example of graceful conduct for the nth time.

The decision was all the more impressive because Tendulkar was playing in his 450th one-day game, extending his ODI appearance record to six more than Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya, who is second on the list of most capped players - the only other man to have played more than 400 ODIs.

Tendulkar's sporting decision to walk off despite the fact that umpire Steve Davis had not given him out was in direct contrast to Ponting standing his ground despite getting an edge to the Pakistani wicketkeeper in Colombo on Saturday.

What was even more brazen was his post-match admission that he knew he was out but always waited for the umpire's decision.
Chatroom love song is massive web hit

DENMARK: Guy sings amazing tune to woo online babe and gets epic result, reports The Sun.

It could be the most romantic proposal ever seen on the internet - but the pair are complete strangers.

Chatroulette Love Song has become a huge web favourite, with over 1,600,000 hits so far.

It features a geeky looking guy serenading a random brunette, called Diana, who he found on the web chat room, Chatroulette.

He starts off strumming his guitar and singing: "I was close to logging off but something caught my eye."

The adorable video features backing singers and a dinner-for-two complete with a pizza decorated with a heart.

There are also lovely touches which are sure to get the viewer wondering how it was done, like Diana's name on the place card at the table and a drawing of the two of them in a heart.

The lyrics include the line: "Though we're many miles apart, sure that this could be the start of our internet love connection."

The man finishes by dropping down on one knee holding a bunch of roses and a ring.

On the other screen, Diana giggles and offers her hand out for the ring. Nothing else is known about the mystery brunette.

It might look spontaneous but the idea took more than two months to prepare.

The people behind the video are Danish friends Rune Iversen, 28, and Jeppe Vejs, 27, although neither play the main character.

Rune says: "We prepared it for two and a half months. There was a lot of effort put into giving each participant as little to do as possible but still completing their tasks.

"Every bit of it is real. We were on Chatroulette and she came up randomly, after having filmed for about 10 minutes, and we had choreographed it meticulously and we just played the song for her."

Rune came up with the idea after writing a thesis on how to make a successful viral video. 
No more "pear-shaped" or "hourglass" bodies

SINGAPORE: A survey conducted by Triumph found that women dislike having their bodies classified by inanimate objects like apples and pears, so they came up with an all-new set of categories.

Karen Ashly, sales and marketing manager of Triumph, said that women's bodies should be seen as works of art instead.

Which is why the lingerie maker's new set of classifications are named after famous artists such as Da Vinci (named after Leonardo Da Vinci) and Matisse (named after Henry Matisse).

The new body shapes

REMBRANDT (formerly known as "Hour Glass"): Women belonging to this group tend to have smaller waists and almost-equally-proportioned busts and bottom.

DA VINCI (formerly known as "Straight" or "Rectangle"): Women in this group might have a wide waist in proportion to the rest of their body, making most of their bodies rather similar in width, and therefore having less curves.

RAPHAEL (formerly known as "Inverted Triangle"): Women who belong to this group usually have broad shoulders and a body that is significantly wider on the upper torso. Some are also well-endowed, and they usually have smaller waists and hips in proportion to their upper torso.

RUBENS (formerly known as "Apple"): Women from this group tend to put on weight easily around their mid-sections.

BOTTICELLI (formerly known as "Pear"): Women with this body shape tend to be more bottom-heavy with bigger hips and butts as compared to their busts.

MATISSE: Women in this group have a general narrow frame, most noticeable narrow shoulders and hips, but they might have a wider mid-section and wider thighs.
More US men getting plastic surgery


WASHINGTON: Facelifts are surging in popularity among American men as the country digs out of recession and the older set aims to compete with a younger, tech-savvy generation, a survey showed Monday.

Data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed cosmetic surgery procedures in men rose two percent last year over 2009, including a 14 percent rise in facelifts and a seven percent hike in liposuction.

Those figures still lag behind the all-time peak in plastic surgery reached in 2007 just before the financial downturn.

But they do point to a new trend among men age 40-54, who had the majority of work done, for 48 percent of the total procedures in the entire year, followed by people age 55 and over.

"More than ever, this generation of men are pretty nervous about the younger guys they are competing with," said Phillip Haeck, president of the ASPS.

"I have never seen this before - men who are out of work and looking for a job and really feeling like they need to do something to make themselves look younger to compete," he said.

The most popular surgery for men was nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, with 63,585 such operations performed in 2010, said the ASPS. Next was eyelid surgery (31,476), followed by liposuction (23,899).

Haeck, who is based in Seattle, Washington, said he also sees lots of men who are gainfully employed at major Internet firms but fearful of losing their edge in a youth-driven field.
Miracle pair found in ruins


JAPAN: A miracle survival story unfolded last night in Japan's tsunami damage zone with an 80-year-old woman and her grandson plucked from the ruins of a house in Ishinomaki.

Japanese television was last night showing dramatic pictures of the two being winched into a rescue helicopter nine days after the tsunami.

Sumi Abe and her grandson Jin, 16, were found amid debris yesterday by police searching the Kadonowaki district of the port town, 40km northeast of Sendai.

Both of them were suffering from hypothermia and were taken straight to Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital by helicopter amid light snowfalls.

The ruined house from where they were rescued was situated about 1km inland, near the Kitakami River.

Police were combing the neighbourhood shouting out and looking for anyone still alive yesterday. About 4pm they heard the grandson responding from the wreckage of a house.

Japanese television reported last night that Jin was sitting on what remained of the house when police spotted him.

He told them his grandmother was buried under debris and they immediately dug her out.

After locating the pair the police called in a fire department's helicopter to rescue them.

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