Bizarre: Pick-up truck spills dead bodies

CHINA: A professor of a medical school was transferring a few dead bodies for his students to disect when the pick-up truck he was driving started spilling dead bodies all over the highway.

When Chinese police officials came across the dead bodies lying in the middle of the road, they thought they had stumbled over a serial killer who was on his way to bury the bodies anonymously. They almost began a man hunt for the serial killer by the time the professor reappeared and stated his case, reports

The dead bodies were unclaimed murder victims, executed criminals and others whose bodies were not claimed by family or friends.

The medical college has been severely criticised by residents for the undignified way of treating the unknown bodies.
‘ZOMBIE' link to brainless crime

US: A woman who allegedly hit a man with a stun gun during a hit-and-run has been arrested after her vanity plates got the best of her.

Police in Allentown, Pennsylvania, said Yardley Joy Frantz was promptly arrested on Friday after witnesses spotted her "ZOMBIE" license plate.

Investigators said Ms Frantz ran into two pedestrians - a man and his nephew - with her car around 7pm, then zapped the man's son with a stun gun after he confronted her.

The Morning Call of Allentown reported that Ms Frantz claimed she didn't know who had been driving her car.

Frantz is free on bail as she faces charges including aggravated and simple assault. A phone number for her could not immediately be located.
Six cats play together in rock band

CHICAGO: The felines are fantastic and they amuse and amaze guests as they ride skateboards, ring bells, roll barrels, walk the high wire, climb ropes, push a shopping cart, jump through hoops, and even run a cat-size agility course, according to a post on YouTube that accompanies the video clip below.

The band currently features Tuna on lead guitar, Pinky on rhythm guitar, Nue on keyboards, and Dakota, Waldo and Fiji on percussion.

It also features guest appearances from a chicken on tambourine and cymbals.

The owner and trainer is looking for someone to design a miniature gong for the band members so that they can expand their repertoire.