Blind Terrier and best friend seek new home

An animal welfare charity is looking for a new home for a blind terrier and his guide dog companion. (AGENCY)

Zak, a ten-year-old Parson Russell, lost both his eyes five years ago after a severe infection and now relies on the help of fellow terrier Lily.

The inseparable pair are currently being looked after by the Blue Cross after their owner moved abroad last month and was unable to take them with her.

The charity is desperate to keep the ten-year-olds together but is struggling to find a new home for them.

"We're really keen to keep these two together as we worry he'd be lost without her." said acting centre manager Sarah Bussell.

"Lily stays by Zak's side all the time and is very patient. She knows he is different to other dogs."

Zak uses his heightened sense of smell to follow Lily when they go on walks and his female friend nudges him in the right direction when he strays off course.

Despite his disability the Blue Cross says Zak is just as loving as any other dog.

"Zak is a very affectionate chap and he enjoys attention," said Ms Bussell.

"Because he can't see, his other senses are heightened and his little tail starts wagging as soon as you walk in."

The adoption centre based in Tiverton, Devon is appealing for anyone who would like to take on the pair to get in touch.

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