Crazy world: 110-year old man ready to wed...

110-year old man ready to wed again

A 110-year-old Malaysian man who has been looking for a wife said he was ready to marry again after an 82-year-old woman responded to his wish, a report said Sunday.

Ahmad Mohamad Isa, who has 20 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren, told Malay-language newspaper Utusan Malaysia earlier this week that he wanted company and a wife to take care of him.

The report grabbed the attention of 82-year-old Sanah Ahmad, a widow of 30 years and mother of nine, who said she was willing to do so and had asked her children to contact Ahmad's family to make arrangements.

"It doesn't matter who she is, as long as she can cook for me," Ahmad told the paper Sunday, saying he was happy and surprised at the news while his daughter would discuss the matter with Sanah's family.

"It is lonely to live alone and I am afraid to sleep alone. If I have a wife she can take care of me," the centenarian, who has five previous marriages and suffers mild hearing and vision problems, said in an earlier interview.

Four of his wives have died and he divorced the fifth.

Sanah told the paper that she was attracted to Ahmad as he bears a striking resemblance to her late husband and both men shared the same name.

Man, son rape girl, then photograph her

Saudi Islamic police arrested an Arab expatriate and his son who took turns in raping a girl and filming the operation with their mobile phones to blackmail her for more sex, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Sunday.

The son, a school manager in the capital Riyadh, asked the girl to come with him to see his father so she can get a job, Kabar Arabic language daily said.

“He took her to his apartment, where his father was waiting…he raped her while his father was shooting the rape with his mobile phone…when he finished, his father raped her while the son filmed the rape,” it said.

The paper said the two unidentified father and son tried later to blackmail her into having more sex with them and threatened to expose her with those films.

It said the unnamed woman then decided to report the case to the feared Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

“Members of the Commission raided their apartment and arrested the two…when they checked their mobile phones, they found the rape films.”

Burning coal kills man while asleep


An Asian shepherd in Saudi Arabia died of asphyxia while asleep after leaving burned charcoal he used for warming inside his desert tent, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Sunday.

The Saudi sheep owner found the unidentified 24-year-old shepherd dead when he went into the tent near the northern town of Hafr Al Batain to check why he is late for work, Okaz Arabic language daily said.

“He died after inhaling carbon monoxide emitted by the burning charcoal, which he left in his tent,” it said, quoting civil defence spokesman Mansour Dousari.

Man hides liquor in toilet


Saudi police arrested a Pakistani expatriate after seizing a large quantity of liquor concealed in his toilet, which he had claimed was locked for maintenance, the Arabic language newspaper Okaz reported on Sunday.

Police raided the little apartment of the Pakistani, identified only as Ajavid, in the central town of Makkah, after receiving a tip-off about his alcohol trade.

“He opened the door for them but pretended he was in a hurry as he has to rush and perform Umra (mini-pilgrimage) at the grand mosque in Makkah,” Okaz said.

“They searched the house but could not find anything…they then became suspicious about his locked toilet…he told them it needs maintenance but they smashed it open and there they are….a large quantity of liquor bottles.”

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