Crazy World: 80-year-olds assaulted for years

Man assaults 80-year-olds over 17 years 

LONDON: A 53-year-old man has been charged with sexually assaulting vulnerable octogenarians, including an Alzheimer's and a Parkinson's patient, over a 17-year period, a media report said.

Delroy Grant, a married father of nine - dubbed the Night Stalker - allegedly conducted a planned series of rapes, sexual assaults and burglaries targeting both men and women, most of them in their eighties, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The cab driver from Brockley, southeast London, wore a mask, cut the telephone lines and removed light bulbs before striking, always at night, prosecutors told the Woolwich Crown Court.

Among the victims was an 82-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease and an 83-year-old man, who was partly blind, deaf and suffered from Parkinson's disease.

The eldest victim was 89.

The alleged offences took place between 1992 and 2009 at 18 addresses across south London, the prosecution said.

Grant raped or attempted to rape four of his elderly victims and carried out indecent and sexual assaults against seven others.

The court was told Grant's DNA was recovered at 12 of the 18 incident sites.

Grant has, however, denied all charges, claiming that his ex-wife had conspired with a male friend to frame him for the crimes.
I want more, says 12-baby sponger

BRISTOL: A sponging mum who has made a career out of having kids and getting the state to fund them has given birth to her twelfth - and wants even more.

Super scrounger Joanne Sheppard, 36 - who rakes in more than £30,000 a year in benefits with her layabout partner - was snapped cradling the latest addition to her brood.

And she has confided to a pal "I've no plans to stop".

The outraged friend said yesterday: "She wants more children as soon as she can.

"It's all more money for them. They are all take, take, take. It's disgusting."

The Sun revealed last year how Sheppard - who raises her brood in a free five-bed house - was expecting again.

She has not done a stroke of work since getting pregnant with her first child at 17.

The mum and lover Gary Bateman, 47 - father of latest baby Dawson - will now see their child benefits boosted even further.

Bateman has not had a job since 1999.

He claims to have a bad back despite being exposed two years ago as taking part in gruelling off-road motorcycling.

Bateman - who has also fathered kids with other women - insisted yesterday: "There's going to be no more - we've got enough."

But the family friend said: "Joanne says she wants more - she doesn't see any reason not to."

Taxpayers foot the £1,200-a-month rent for the huge clan's five-bed home in Staple Hill, Bristol. 
Neighbour's house on fire, woman saves her 70 dogs first

GEORGE TOWN:  When fire broke out at a neighbour's house, all Chan Soak Cheng, 40, could think of was to save her precious brood of 70 pedigree dogs.

She was bathing the 60 Pomeranians and 10 Dobermans with the help of two workers at her pre-war house in Jalan C.Y. Choy here when she heard people shouting that a fire had broken out at a neighbouring home.

"I was scared that the fire would spread to my place so I quickly got my workers to evacuate the dogs to safety.

"Workers from my husband's wood processing factory nearby also helped me. The dogs are my most precious assets as they were brought back from overseas at a cost of between RM2,000 and RM3,000 (S$835 and S$1,255) each," she said when met at the scene yesterday.

Chan said quick action from the firemen prevented the blaze, which had spread to the second floor room where she was staying with her husband, from spreading further.

"Rearing and breeding pedigree dogs has been a hobby of mine for the past seven years. I usually give the dogs to my friends when they ask," she said as she put them back into their cages.

Chan said the fire had started at about 9.30am from the top floor of a nearby house, which had been converted into a hostel for her husband's eight factory workers.
Man uses murdered woman's ATM cards... liberally

SINGAPORE: A man who was charged for the murder of a woman in a flat in Taman Jurong has been further charged with 15 counts of theft.

Lim Wee Thong, 46, used two ATM cards that belonged to 50-year-old Ms Loh Nyuk Moi to withdraw cash of $14,500  from her bank account a total of 15 times over a period of three days.

Lim, who is a junior prison officer, is charged with Ms Loh's murder. He is suspected to have stabbed her in her vacant flat at Yung Ping Road.

Her body was found lying in a pool of blood with four stab wounds.

According to a witness, he had been seen holding hands with Ms Loh before the murder, and it is believed they were dating.

According to court documents, he had killed her on 13 March at 10.27am and began making the first of his withdrawals at 5.11pm on the same day, heading to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre first to do so.

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