Crazy World: Jobless man on sale on eBay...

Jobless salesman puts himself up for sale on eBay!

BRISTOL: A UK salesman, who has been jobless for the past two years, is so desperate to find work that he has taken an unusual step -- he has put himself up for sale on online auction site eBay.

Former travelling salesman David Wood from Bristol has spent every day of the last two years scanning newspapers, websites and writing up to 30 job applications for a paid employment.

But despite his efforts, David is still jobless and has had to ask his father for a loan to prevent him losing his home, reports the Daily Mail.

Wood decided to put the 'For Sale an Experienced Sales Representative' advert on eBay when he began contemplating suicide last month.

His tongue-in-cheek advert reads: 'For Sale an Experienced Sales Representative' and describes him as a 1965 model who is 'enthusiastic' and 'motivated'.

It adds that he comes with 25 years' of sales experience covering a wide product base, is 'IT, PC and web literate' and is looking for offers of 35,000 pounds.

"When I was handed an eviction notice two months ago I really did think I had come to the end of the road. The thought of taking my own life went through my mind. It can be very dispiriting but I just decided to dust myself down and start again," said Wood.
"The past month has been the darkest and most depressing I have experienced in my life. I came within days of being evicted from my home.

It's a problem I have been ignoring for about 18 months and it finally came to a head and I had nowhere else to turn," he said.

"I have had my head stuck in the sand by my own admission and tried to ignore a problem, which would not go away. To put it simply I am a man who has reached a point where every avenue has been exhausted and this is a last-ditch attempt to get an employer's attention," he added.
Mum 'got 10 seconds to say bye to kids’

BRITAIN: A dad murdered his little girl by crashing his car into a river after telling his ex: "You've got ten seconds to say goodbye to your kids then they're dead", a court heard.
Love-split blacksmith Christopher Grady roared off with Gabby, five, and her terrified brother Ryan, six, in the back seat, reported The Sun.

The man sneered as their mum frantically grabbed at the car door: "Say ta-ra", a jury was told.

The car rocketed 25ft across the River Avon, ploughing into the murky water nose first.

Prosecutor Graham Reeds QC said: "As the car sank, eyewitnesses remember seeing one of the children banging on the back window trying to get out of the car.

"Neither child had yet learned how to swim."

Grady, 42, grabbed Ryan as he swam from the vehicle in Evesham, Worcs. Gabby - trapped as it sank - was hauled out still clinging to life two hours later by cops. She died in hospital.

Suicide notes left in the car for the children's mum Kim Smith included one that read: "You led me to this. My kids are with me now." 
Christchurch earthquake: Homeowner auctions off rock that destroyed house


CHRISTCHURCH: Amid the rubble of Christchurch, at least one homeowner whose home was destroyed can see the funny side of things.

Phil Johnson's home was badly damaged when a 30-tonne boulder dislodged from a hill above his home, rolled down and smashed through the roof and coming to rest in his living room.

Mr Johnson has placed the offending stone - dubbed "Rocky" -  on and already the bids are up to almost $NZ1000.

The catch? The buyer will have to move it.

On the page, which features photos of the boulder and the destruction it caused, he describes the rock thus: "He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust).

Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case a magnificent addition to your living area.

"Rocky will enhance your 'indoor outdoor' flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did."

All proceeds from the auction, which closes next Monday, go toward the Christchurch earthquake appeal.
Schoolboy jailed for masterminding £18m internet scam

A public schoolboy Set up 'Crimebook' social networking site for crooks and masterminded an £18million banking scam and boasted he was a 'legendary' fraudster was jailed for five years.

Nick Webber, 19, built an internet empire using IT skills honed at exclusive boarding school Bradfield College by accessing school records to cancel his friends' detentions, reports Daily Mail.

He also created asn international 'forum', which was a marketplace for stolen bank account details, and offered tutorials in a range of sophisticated hacking techniques.

By the time police arrested Webber and his accomplices, they had got their hands on details of 132,000 bank accounts, representing a potential loss to victims of £18million, said the Daily.

Webber and his 'right-hand-man' Ryan Thomas, 18, lived the 'high life' on the proceeds of the fraud.

After police caught the 'arrogant' pair using a stolen credit card to book a stay in a London hotel, they flew to Majorca and continued to live like millionaires, the paper revealed.

Webber had business cards made up for and also owned a T-shirt with the logo 'legendary carder', referring to his activities as a credit card fraudster. 
Mom smashes up shop that ran out of her favourite cupcake

CARDIFF: When having a bad day it can take just the tiniest incident to tip you over the edge - but this woman's fit of rage really takes the cake.

A mother trashed a cake shop after being told they had run out of her favourite flavour of cupcake.

With her children beside her, she smashed glass display units and threw cupcakes at customers after being told there were no more 'sweet tooth fairy cakes'.

She even attacked members of staff in her fit of rage.

Her reaction was so swift and dramatic, she did not even give staff time to tell her they could simply bake a fresh batch.

Police are appealing for help to trace the woman who fled with her two young sons at Sugarswirlz cake shop in Cardiff city centre.

The woman inflicted around £400 worth of damage on the shop, which opened just two months ago.

The £2.20 sweet tooth fairy cake, which has become a firm favourite among customers, is made out of an assortment of flavours and topped with candy floss.

Police were yesterday trying to trace the woman, aged between 35 and 45, with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair.

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