Crazy world: LiLo inspired by Gandhi...

LiLo inspired by Gandhi


It seems rehab has broadened Lindsay Lohan's horizons.

The troubled star has now found inspiration from legendary Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi. Li-Lo has qouted the great man on her Twitter.

She wrote: "Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The future depends on what we do in the present."

Peace-loving Gandhi preached a doctrine of non-violent resistance to British rule in India before independance.

The 24-year-old is expected to be released from the Betty Ford Center next Monday after a three-month spell.

Man in “hot water” revenge

A Bangladeshi who had a heated argument with a work mate waited for his opponent to fall asleep, boiled water and poured it on him.

Colleagues had mediated to the end the dispute between the 40-year-old man and his mate in the eastern town of Dammam.

“But he apparently did not want to forget this dispute and wanted to revenge,” Kabar Arabic language newspaper reported on Tuesday.

“So he waited until his friend was fast asleep, brought a bucket of boiled water and poured it on his face and body….the friend was taken to hospital for treatment while the man was arrested.”

Baby born after growing outside womb


A Saudi mother has given birth to a healthy baby who had grown outside her womb for nearly nine months, a local newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Doctors at a hospital in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah performed a Caesarian operation to deliver the mother after fining out that the baby girl had grown outside her womb, Alwatan said.

“The operation was successful and the baby was born in a good health, weighing around three kg…doctors said it was a rare case that happens once in every 10,000 pregnancy cases,” the paper said.

Dead woman found inside bag in Saudi


Residents of a Saudi city stumbled across a dead woman crammed inside a leather bag believed to have been dumped by a car.

In a report from the western town of Jeddah on Tuesday, Sharq newspaper said the bag was found in an inhabited area by passers by, who phoned the police.

It quoted a police source as saying forensic examination showed no criminal activity was involved in the death of the unidentified expatriate woman.

“Witnesses saw a car throwing the bag…It could be dumped by illegal residents who are used to do such things to avoid being investigated by the police.”

Man uses Google Earth to fight speeding fine


A man won the right to appeal his speeding fine and had his traffic conviction quashed after using Google Earth to allege the police officer may have issued the ticket to the wrong car, the Townsville Bulletin reported Tuesday.

Mustafa Al Shakarji, 24, was ordered to pay a AU$200 (US$203) fine and court costs of $71.50 after a magistrate in Bowen, about 745 miles north of Brisbane, refused to accept all of his evidence when he represented himself.

But the fourth-year James Cook University pharmacy student will attempt to overturn the speeding fine a second time after the Brisbane District Court ordered a re-trial in the Townsville Magistrates Court.

Al Shakarji, who immigrated to Australia from Iraq with his family in 2002, was adamant he was not doing 35 mph in a 25 mph school zone in April 2009.

Using Google Earth, which allows you to navigate through satellite imagery, he argued he was not the motorist speeding "down the hill."

District Court Judge Douglas McGill, who presided over the appeal, agreed there was "reasonable doubt as to whether the appellant was exceeding the speed limit" and found the magistrate may have unduly restricted cross-examination by the defendant who was attempting to prove this point.

A date has not yet been set for the second hearing.

Ka-ching in clink for US murderer


 A US man imprisoned for killing his mother-in-law can look forward to a life of ease thanks to a tidy inheritance - from his victim, a report said Monday.

Brandon Palladino, a 24-year-old heroin addict, is doing 25 years minus time served after killing his in-law during an attempted jewelry theft, The New York Post reported.

But in a twist of fate, he stands to enjoy at least a quarter of a million dollars in assets that the victim left to Palladino's wife, who has also since died, leaving everything to her imprisoned husband.

"It's an outrage. He can't have that money - it's just not right," the sister of the deceased woman was quoted as saying.

Trash saves man's life


Authorities in New York City say a man who tried to jump to his death from his ninth floor apartment was saved by a heap of trash bags that had gone uncollected since last week's blizzard.

Fire officials say the 26-year-old was taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan shortly after noon on Sunday. He was listed in critical but stable condition.

His aunt, Katharina Capatos, tells the New York Post it was lucky the city had the snow and hadn't cleared the garbage.

She says her nephew told her recently that he was worried about being evicted from his rent-stabilized apartment.

The city resumed garbage pickup on Monday for the first time since the Christmas weekend blizzard dumped over 20 inches of snow on the city.

Couple jumps after 'I do'


A Pennsylvania couple took a frigid plunge to symbolize taking another plunge - their marriage.

Judy Herilla and Adam Lipinski were among hundreds of members of the Pittsburgh Polar Bear Club who jumped into the Monongahela River on New Year's Day.

Unlike the others, they had just gotten married aboard a water taxi.

Herilla, of Springdale, wore a veil and a long purple-and-white tutu with her swimsuit. Lipinski wore a T-shirt with a tuxedo design and shorts.

They had considered waiting to get married until Nov. 11, so their anniversary would be 11-11-11, but settled for 1-1-11 and jumping into the 37-degree water.

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