Crazy World: Man sues police over divorce...

Man sues police over divorce

A Saudi who won damages against police for mistakenly jailing him is suing them again for causing a divorce from his wife, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

A court in the central town of Makkah ordered police in the southern province of Baha to pay the man Sr17,000 ($4,600) in damages for mistakenly jailing him for month.

“The same man is now suing the same police department after his wife divorced him because of his imprisonment,” the online newspaper Alnas said.
Man shot while watching gangster film

FLORIDA: A US man is recovering after he was shot in the face as he sat on his sofa watching the gangster movie "Goodfellas".
Jim Freeman, 40, was eating Chinese takeout watching the film when a pair of random gunshots flew through the walls of his Palm Harbor apartment in Florida on Monday, WTSP-TV in Tampa Bay reported.

One of the bullets tore through Freeman's left cheek and lodged in his right. Responding officers told Freeman's wife Denise that just an inch difference might have killed him.

It was unclear where the gunfire originated. Officers with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office believe whoever fired the shots may have been aiming at cars in the parking lot below the Freeman's apartment.

Doctors treating Freeman expect him to recover, although they have not yet decided whether to remove the bullet for fear of doing further damage.
“Jealous” wife pours hot water on sleeping husband

A jealous Saudi wife waited for her husband to fall asleep and poured hot water on his face after she was maddened by his fondness of Facebook, a local newspaper reported on Thursday.

The unnamed wife had moaned many times on her “handsome” husband to remove his photograph from Facebook and ignore women who stare at him every time the couple go out but he would not listen to her, Sabq online Arabic language daily said.

“The wife then waited for her 26-year-old husband to fall sleep, boiled water and poured it on his face,” the paper said in a report from the eastern Saudi town of Dammam.

The shocked husband divorced his wife six month after marriage and filed a court suit to recover the dowry money he had paid her. “He is also demanding punishment of her for her crime,” Sabq said.

Laundering scheme fails to wash off smell of money


A New York bank employee laundered drug money in her own branch vault - but couldn't clean off the stench of marijuana, police say.

According to a criminal complaint filed with federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, Natanzia St Rose took $30,000 in $20 bills into her JPMorgan Chase bank vault and exchanged it for the same amount in $100 notes.

The swap was authorized by bosses who believed her story that a nearby Bank of America branch had run low on $100 bills, the complaint said.

She allegedly pulled off the same stunt in reverse by going to Bank of America with $20,000 in $20 dollar bills and telling them that Chase needed $100 notes.

Things started to smell funny when her supervisor checked with Bank of America and discovered the alleged scam.

Then when police arrived, "agents were advised that the currency the defendant exchanged with Chase personnel in the vault... had an odor of marijuana," the complaint said.

St Rose, arrested last week, is being investigated for possible narcotics money laundering.

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