Crazy World: Man superglues hat to head

Man superglues hat to head

ENGLAND: An Englishman got himself in a sticky predicament when he didn't quite think through his Halloween costume.

Shawn Merter had a tiny sequinned top-hat to round out his outfit, but rather than tie it on with string, he superglued it to his head.

"I had fabric glue which is washable, but it wasn't sticky enough," he says in the video.

The point at which he realised his mistake is unknown, but the next morning an embarrassed Shawn was in the emergency ward at the hospital to have the formerly fashionable, now ridiculous headpiece removed.

His understanding boyfriend was there to offer support and muffled giggles as the doctor gave him the bad news; the best they could do is cut off part of the hat, leaving the rim stuck to his scalp until it came off on its own.

"I don't know which looks worse," says the nurse with the scissors.

Yes it happened months ago. No it's not really news. But aren't you glad you watched it?

Patients postpone critical surgeries for India vs Pak


PUNE: Plans are afoot across offices in India to catch the much-awaited Indo-Pak World Cup semifinal clash by hook or by crook. While some employees are lucky to be let off by their organisations early to watch the match, others are planning to coming up with innovative excuses to escape work.
This is one match that doctors can enjoy without interruption. Inspite of their work profile, which demands them to attend to a patient at any hour of the day, doctors say that Wednesday will be different because their patients have postponed their appointments. Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, infertility expert at Ruby Hall Clinic, said that many of her patients have requested her to delay their procedures or appointments because their husbands will be 'busy'.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Rajesh Parasnis, too, has received similar calls, although he admits that it is shocking that people were prioritising a match over health. "A patient from Ratnagiri was supposed to undergo a spinal tumor surgery which he has now put off by a day.
Not just surgeries, but the OPD appointments have had cancellations. In a way it is good because the nursing and other staff was requesting us to wrap up the day early," he said. While hospitals across the city might see a light day, many offices might also not function to their full capacity. Shailaja Sharma, branch director of PR firm Perfect Relations said, "We will be giving a half day to all our employees across our 16 offices tomorrow just for the match."  At Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), a large number of employees have planned to wrap up their work early and watch the match together in groups, confirmed Deepak Kulkarni, leader, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, PMC Union.
While these people are lucky to leave early from work, others are not so fortunate. Nonetheless, their enthusiasm is not ebb. They are making alternate arrangements to catch the match. A spokesperson for BPO ADP, Pune, said that a big screen had been placed in the cafeteria for the employees to enjoy the match. Besides this, quizzes and games themed around the World Cup have been organised at the office.

At colleges, which will have a normal working day, staffers are hopeful that they can watch the match either on the TV sets in the staff rooms or keep themselves updated of the scores via SMS and radio.

Shivaji Nagar's Modern College vice-principal Jagdish Chinchole, "We have exams in the morning and by 3pm, there wouldn't be a major workload. If people finish their work early, we can give them permission to watch the match," he said.
Multiplexes, nightclubs and small hotels too are doing their best to 'make moolah while India shines' at the World Cup. For the semi-final clash, special screening arrangements have been made at multiplexes, as there is no big film that has released in the last few weeks. Neerav Panchamia, VP, Operations, E-Square, who will screen the match at a single screen said, "We decided on Sunday to screen the live match. So far we have got a few bookings and are expecting a house-full soon."

Even hotels and nights clubs are wooing the customers with innovative ideas. Extra screens, DJ's have been booked to uplift the spirits. "There will be DJ playing music during breaks, an extra screen for the guests so that they have a good time," said Nasir Shaikh, director, Food and Beverages, Westin Hotel.
Hole in US Airways plane 'caused by bullet'


PHILADELPHIA: A hole discovered in the fuselage of a US Airways jet travelling to Charlotte from Philadelphia, US, was caused by a stray bullet that struck the plane as it was landing.

FBI officials said they do not think the bullet went inside the aeroplane and that it can be recovered from outside, WSOC-TV reported.

Sources told KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia that the plane was not a target of terrorism and that the shooter likely did not intend to hit the commercial jet.

The FBI had opened an investigation late yesterday after a pilot discovered the hole above a passenger window during a pre-flight inspection.

The Boeing 737 had arrived at Charlotte Douglas International Airportirport after flying from Philadelphia. Authorities grounded the plane, took it out of service and moved passengers onto other flights.

Couple get stinky surprise in bag of rice


MALAYSIA: A MAN and his wife were horrified that a bag of rice they had bought at a supermarket in Shah Alam reeked of animal faeces.

The victim, who only wanted to be identified as Azmi, was shocked by the stench that greeted him when he opened the 10kg bag of rice of a local brand.

He said in a report in Harian Metro that while looking for the source of the stench, he found something that looked like animal faeces.

He expressed concern that the incident could happen to other customers if immediate action is not taken against the manufacturer.

"The company should ensure a high standard of hygiene during production.

"I hope those involved are more careful next time," Azim said, adding that he had lodged a report with the Consumer Claims Tribunal.
Man visited prostitutes 3,000 times in 36 years


SINGAPORE: A 56-year-old woman has accused her husband of visiting prostitutes 3000 times and spending over $300,000 on them.

Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported Mrs Huang as saying that her 59-year-old husband had been visiting prostitutes for the past 36 years ever since they were married. This was after they had a son and a daughter together.

Her husband had also not changed his ways despite his promises to her.

She had also got into countless arguments with him and threatened to commit suicide. She also brought their son back to Malaysia while she was pregnant with another child.

According to Shin Min Daily News, she discovered a Chinese woman calling his phone while they were out shopping for groceries.

Mrs Huang told the Chinese newspaper that her husband usually visited prostitutes while delivering goods at night. He had also allegedly brought her brother to Geylang when the brother was on a visit here.

Asked why she does not divorce him, Mrs Huang says she to do so would be to admit that she had wasted 40 years of her youth on him, which she is not willing to do.

Mr Huang told reporters that he regrets his actions, and now entrusts his whole salary to his wife. He also admitted that he had visited prostitutes for more than 30 years, up till 2007.

But he says he is a changed person now. His wife still calls him up to check on his whereabouts, but he has asked her to not let the past haunt her and 'let bygones be bygones.'

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