Crazy World: Mother kills 3-year-old kid to live with lover

Husband kills wife's Facebook flirt

A mother tortured and killed her three-year-old child to be able to live with her lover.

According to "Akhbar Al Youm' newspaper, the Egyptian woman from Badr city starved the toddler for four days apart from locking up and torturing the child until it died.

The husband alerted the police saying his wife left him to live with her lover and had taken the child along.

When cops raided the boyfriend's house, they found the toddler's body. There were marks of injuries and the hands were handcuffed.

However, the wife told investigating officers that she left her husband as he was an homosexual, who brought home men.
She confessed she was staying illegally with her lover. Both have been arrested.

Husband kills wife's Facebook flirt

A Taiwanese man who discovered a flirty message on his wife's facebook page from another man beat him to death with baseball bats.

The 34-year-old You-huang lost his senses when he read a post by the victim, which said 'I'm about to arrive at your house," to a query posted by his wife on FB - 'I want to get McDonalds. Wich nice man will take me there', Daily Mail reported.

The jealous husband contacted the man and arranged to meet him, while he waited with two of his friends ready to attack him.

Chuang succumbbed to his injuries later.

Husband injected babysitter with drugs

A woman charged with helping dump her babysitter's body testified with immunity Monday that her husband injected the girl with heroin and methamphetamine before the 16-year-old died of an overdose.
Dea Millerberg, 39, took the stand at a hearing in Ogden's 2nd District Court and gave her account of the final hours of Alexis Rasmussen's life.
Her husband, Eric Millerberg, faces charges of child abuse homicide, unlawful sexual activity with a minor and obstructing justice. Eric Millerberg, 36, is being held in Utah State Prison on a probation violation and was not at the hearing.

Prosecutors said both Millerbergs face a charge of desecration of a body. Dea Millerberg has not been charged with causing the babysitter's death. However, she faces unrelated charges of prescription drug fraud and child endangerment.

Prosecutors wouldn't say if she had entered into a deal in return for her testimony against her husband.
Dea Millerberg has filed for divorce from her husband, court records show.
The Millerbergs had a drug-fueled, sexual relationship with Rasmussen that caused her death in September, police have said. Her body was recovered the next month near the Weber River in Morgan County.
The teen's body was so badly decomposed that a full autopsy wasn't possible, "but all the signs suggest a drug overdose," prosecutor Chris Shaw said Monday.
Eric Millerberg's fellow gang members - "even they were disgusted by the conduct" - led police to the body, Shaw said.
The Salt Lake Tribune, KSL and Standard-Examiner of Ogden reported on the court hearing.
Dea Millerberg testified the babysitter became disoriented after being injected once with heroin and twice with methamphetamine.
The girl took a bath to warm her body and rested on a bed, but wasn't breathing 30 minutes later when the couple checked on her.
Dea Millerberg, a nurse, said she tried but couldn't revive the girl.
"There was nothing we could do at this point to bring her back," she said.
At that point, Dea Millerberg said she dressed the teen and helped put her body in a "footlocker" in the trunk of their car.
The Millerbergs left their 6-year-old daughter behind, put an infant daughter in their car and drove off to dispose of the babysitter's body, she said.
Rasmussen died of an overdose late Sept. 10 or early Sept. 11, prosecutors said. Search warrants allege the couple had long supplied Rasmussen drugs in exchange for baby-sitting.

Man on the run updates Facebook to 'single'

He's on the lam avoiding police, but Travis A. Nicolaysen still had time to update his Facebook page.
The 26-year-old escaped from officers in two foot chases Wednesday and a dragnet that included a police dog tracking him through a Port Angeles neighborhood.
One friend posted to his account: "cops all over you." Nicolaysen responded the next day with: "got away thanks bro."

Nicolaysen has been convicted of five felonies, including domestic violence, burglary and theft of a firearm. Police were searching for him after he allegedly failed to check in with his parole officer since January, the Peninsula Daily News reported.
He's also accused of assaulting his girlfriend on March 28. In a post Saturday, he let his friends know he was now single, the Peninsula Daily News reported.
The change in relationship status was followed by a discussion between Nicolaysen and several females asking him to contact them and warning him to watch out. At least two urged him to surrender, telling him to set an example for his children.
A picture on the Facebook page shows Nicolaysen with two toddlers.
An aunt in Port Angeles, Teri Newell, confirmed that the Facebook account was her nephew's. Nicolaysen did not immediately respond to a message left Monday by The Associated Press.
Investigators were checking Facebook as part of their search, said Deputy Police Chief Brian Smith, who added that police believe the Facebook account is Nicolaysen's.
"People are giving him advice" to surrender, Smith said, "and he might want to follow it."
Nicolaysen's brazen use of the social networking site is unusual, but not unheard of, said Port Angeles Police Cpl. Tom Kuch.
"It's more frustrating than anything," Kuch said. "He and others like him seem to think that being on the lam is glamorous."
Kuch said he blames movies that glorify the lives of criminals on the run from the law.
Unlike some movies or TV shows, Port Angeles police do not have a computer expert or the technology to track criminals through Facebook, he said. Tracing IP addresses, Internet experts say, generally narrows the location only to a city and a service provider.
According to Facebook's data-use policy, the social media site has some limited ability to trace users. The policy indicates that the site "may share your information in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so."

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