Crazy World: Obama dead? Oops...!

Oops...! Obama dead, flashes US channel


US: Every news provider in the world was buzzing yesterday, broadcasting stories on the death of Osama bin Laden. However, an oversight at Fox News' Sacramento affiliate Fox40 News saw the US TV channel use titles onscreen reporting that 'Obama Bin Laden' had died.

The typo, which mixes the name of the deceased terrorist leader with that of US President Barack Obama, has caused much hilarity on Twitter. Viewers watched as 'Breaking News.

Reports: Obama Bin Laden Dead' popped up on screen, but Fox has responded by saying it was an easy mistake to make.

The gaffe is one many have been making in the wake of the news of Bin Laden's death. Among the most cringeworthy examples was MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell, who tweeted, 'Obama shot and killed' before quickly correcting her mistake.

Alligator takes a bite out of a police car


FLORIDA: The 10ft beast clamped its powerful jaws on the front bumper and refused to let go.

Deputy Sheriff Victor Borrero was called to the scene in Gainesville, Florida, after locals spotted the gator in their neighbourhood. But when he drove up it chomped down on his bumper. It was videoed holding on as he reversed, The Sun reported.

The reptile finally let go and was caught by a trapper - and the jaw was in the hands of the law.

Man shaves for first time since 9/11


WASHINGTON: A middle school teacher vowed after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, that he would not shave his beard until Osama bin Laden was caught. Gary Weddle kept his word Sunday evening.

"I spent my first five minutes crying and then I couldn't get it off fast enough," Weddle, 50, told the Capital Press.

Weddle, who lives in East Wenatchee and teaches in Ephrata, had wanted to cut his beard for years. The gray stringy growth actually made him look a bit like bin Laden, the mastermind of the 2001 attacks who was killed by US forces.

Weddle was a substitute teacher in Wenatchee when the terrorist attacks occurred on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing some 3,000 people.

Weddle said he was so absorbed in the news that he neglected to shave. A week or so later, he decided not to shave until bin Laden was captured or proven dead. He figured it would just be a month or two.

New Zealander says eating finger was cry for help


WELLINGTON: A mentally ill New Zealand man who cut off and ate his own finger in a rare case of self-cannibalism has described his action as a cry for help but "ultimately, a very stupid idea".

The man's case was outlined last month in the medical journal Australasian Psychiatry, which described it as one of only eight documented instances of self-cannibalism recorded in the world.

The report's authors, forensic psychiatrist Erik Monasterio and clinical psychologist Craig Prince, said that the man applied a tourniquet to his little finger, cut it off with a jigsaw, cooked it with vegetables and ate it.

He was suffering from moderate depression, insomnia and suicidal thoughts at the time of the 2009 incident, they said.

The journal reported said the man, aged 28 at the time, was not psychotic when he was assessed in hospital and had not consumed drugs or alcohol.

However, the New Zealand Herald reported Wednesday that the man told the paper he did experience a psychotic episode at the time but it had passed by the time he reached the hospital.

He expressed frustration at his difficulty in receiving medical help for psychosis, saying he struggled to convince mental health workers his condition was not simply depression.

"I have lost all faith in the system. You have to say you are going to kill someone or kill yourself (to receive attention)," he told the newspaper.

The man, who described himself as a Buddhist vegetarian, said he now regretted eating his finger.

He said his action was a desperate attempt to get attention from mental health authorities and he hoped his case would encourage others with mental illness to seek help.

He told the newspaper his current flatmates did not "freak out" when he told them what he had done but they were curious about the experience.

"They asked me 'what did it taste like? Does it taste like chicken or pork?," said the man, who was not named.

He said he had told his flatmates he did not know as "I haven't eaten chicken or pork in such a long time".

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