Crazy world: Suicide by crocodile

Man walked into croc-infested swamp after fight with girlfriend


Detectives believe a man was eaten alive after he walked into the crocodile-infested river following an argument with his girlfriend The Daily Mail reported that David Lubisi, a distressed farm worker may have committed suicide by wading into a crocodile-infested river, police in South Africa.

The father-of-three has not been seen for more than a week after apparently telling a colleague about his painful plan on April 7.

Sergeant Malesela Makgopa today said officers believed Mr Lubisi had died in a bizarre case of suicide.

Police said the local community had been shattered by the apparent tragedy, which happened near the town of Bushbuckbridge close to the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa's eastern Mpumalanga province.

The country's Sowetan newspaper today reported that the owner of a neighbouring property reported seeing a crocodile with a human leg protruding from its mouth four days after the incident.

Although the Lepelle is responsible for supplying millions of people with water it is feared among most locals for the presence of crocodiles.

The deadly reptiles are known to live in many African rivers, streams and lakes.

They can lurk unseen beneath the waters before striking suddenly to claim their prey.

Beauty queen loses title for nude Facebook pics


A beauty queen has been stripped of her title in a wrangle over allegations she posted nude photos of herself on Facebook.

Charlotte Campbell, 23, who denies the claims, last year realised her modeling dreams by winning the Miss York City contest.

She then became the first single mum to qualify for the Miss Great Britain final since the competition began 65 years ago, after new rules were introduced allowing single mothers and divorcees to take part.

According to The Daily Mail, Miss Great Britain's current boss, Wendy Seinturier, has alleged Charlotte broke its rules and regulations by posting completely nude photos of herself on Facebook, and says she is being replaced as Miss York City by another woman.

Charlotte has strongly denied breaking the rules, claiming she could assure people there had never been any nude photographs of her published or printed, or posted on to Facebook or any other internet websites.

Charlotte, who spent much of her childhood in York and has a three-year-old son, Bobby, said the alleged nude photo isn't a fully nude photograph as alleged and had been on her Facebook page for over two years under no privacy settings, and was therefore open to Miss Great Britain organisers.

Holland’s porn traffic lights drive motorists crazy


A set of pedestrian traffic lights in Holland, which show a couple having sex whenever they turned to green, has turned the street into chaos.

Motorists crashed into each other when the lights turned to green.

Furious traffic bosses are investigating who played the prank on the lights in Nimwegen, which led to a number of rear-end shunts.

"''People kept pressing the button to see the couple having sex and of course every time they did, the traffic had to stop suddenly," the Daily Telegraph quoted a police officer as telling Metro newspaper.

"We had quite a lot of rear end shunts from drivers who were too distracted," the officer added.

Transport officials are investigating how computer hackers managed to get into the town’s traffic light system to manipulate the image, which showed the couple having sex from behind.

"We are looking at who had access and opportunity," said a spokesman.

Waiter, there’s a rat in my pants!


A rodent climbed into an elderly woman's pants at an upscale South Mumbai food joint on Saturday the incident happened at Spoons, a food joint in Nariman Point, on Saturday night.

According to Indian tabloid Mid-Day Dhun Baldawala (72), a resident of Kemps Corner, was dining at Spoons, an eatery at Cr2 Mall, Nariman Point.

After a movie at the nearby Inox, Baldawala's family decided to dine at Spoons. Early into the dinner, Baldawala felt the desperate maneuverings of a trapped mouse inside her pants. The woman nearly fainted with shock, but held on to the trapped rat with all her might.

The panic-stricken family did not know what to do. Other diners at the restaurant fled helter-skelter at the prospect of a similar misfortune.

According to Naozer, Baldawala's son, "The authorities did not bother to respond to our pleas. Even the waiters kept their distance. They appeared to be busy shutting down the restaurant. They did not offer help of any kind. The manager called me up much later to apologise."

Given the cold shoulder by the restaurant authorities, the family rushed outside the restaurant for help. According to Rashna Baldawala, Naozer's wife, "Some ladies outside were kind enough to come inside and help. They surrounded the area creating a human wall, using their dupattas to shield my mother as she took off her pants in order to get rid of the rat, which was dead by then."

Indian film director’s eye-for-an-eye tweet furore


Infamous for his foot-in-mouth remarks, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, 49, is now facing ire for his Monday-morning comments on eye donation. “I wil never donate my eyes becos I have a suspicion that people who ar born blind ar the ones who donated their eyes in their last birth (sic),” he posted on his Twitter page, turning his followers livid.

Mid-Day published some of the reactions which went: “Earning respect is very hard nd loosing them can take a couple of minutes best example is (sic),” posted rajinesh_rao. Sampath Kumar wrote, “plz dont post such posts RGV it may discourage ur fans and lead to lack of goodness in people’s thinking (sic).”

S Kumar, a fan, was heartbroken at the post. “I pity that the person I like is so superstitious,” he wrote. Another comment by SM95 read, “Has the guy lost it completely? I want to claw out his eyes anyway!”

RGV then shot back, saying: “The meaning of what I say depends upon your capacity to understand it.”

Delhi’s Blind Relief Association is also disturbed at what, according to them, is an insensitive remark. “This is crazy! The remark will hurt any visually-challenged person’s sentiments. It shows ignorance - it’s unfortunate that he said that,” says the association’s executive secretary, KC Pandey.

Just last month, the filmmaker drew flak for questioning Lord Rama’s powers. “If there were no arrows I really wonder how good Ram will be in a fist fight (sic),” he had tweeted.

Want to keep your job? Move to Manila… with rice allowance


Mobil phone giant Orange told staff they can keep their jobs - if they move to the Philippines.

And bosses informed workers that those who relocated 6,600 miles away would get an allowance for rice - and £1.78 a month towards laundry bills, according to the Daily Mail.

Orange is transferring 40 call centre jobs from Darlington, Co Durham, to Manila, capital of the Philippines.

But workers are furious at the way the cuts were announced.

One said: "It's a complete joke. When we asked for details of the transfer package we were handed a sheet of paper with what the Manila employees receive.

"It's less than £200 a month with a rice and laundry allowance."

Orange yesterday said all 40 Darlington staff had been offered other work in the UK and should never have been given a relocation option. A spokesman said: "This was an HR error, for which we apologise.

"We are in contact with the 40 employees involved and will be making it clear that we're not asking or expecting people to move to Manila."

Orange UK merged with T-Mobile UK last year to form Everything Everywhere. T-Mobile already had a large operation in Manila.

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