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Crazy World: Teacher’s sex with underage girls

Teacher's sex with underage girls

A Chinese teacher was sentenced to 15 months in jail for luring two underage girls online into a discreet relationship of sex.
Aaron Kok Chun Cheong, 23, was found guilty of having sex with a girl who was only 12 in 2007 and with another who was only 15 in 2008, Chinese dailies reported.
The incidents came to light when the 12-year-old girl was warded at the National University Hospital in July 2008 for stomach pain and vomiting.
Tests proved she was pregnant. In a tell-all, the girl told police she had sexual encounters with several men.  But tests done on the aborted foetus established that Kok was not the father.
But the man was already a sex offender, besides being guilty of falsely declaring in his application for a teacher’s post that there were no investigations against him.
Straits Times quoted a ministry of education official as saying the disciplinary proceedings are on against the man whose service would be terminated.

Driver run over by own bus


A New Zealand bus driver was run over by his own bus in Hamilton.

Police said the 52-year-old man had parked the bus in gear at the main entrance of the Waikato Hospital when the vehicle rolled ahead for about 40 metres and crashed into a pedestrian crossing pole and a give-way sign, reports NZ Herald.

The driver suffered critical injuries when he tried to stop the Orbiter bus that was gathering momentum.

Emergency services rushed to the spot and took the man to the hospital intensive care unit where he is reported to be a criitical condition.

'Teen Mom' star faces felony charges

Amber Portwood's December 27, 2010 booking photo released by the Madison County Sheriffs Department. (SUPPLIED)

The “Teen Mom” of a popular MTV reality show is facing felony domestic battery and child neglect charges in Indiana.
Investigations on 20-year-old Amber Portwood after the September episode of the show showed her slapping, choking and kicking the 24-year-old father of her daughter, reports The Herald Bulletin.
The child neglect charges stem from the woman’s then 1-year-old daughter being present during the filming of two instances of domectis violence, the newspaper quoted police as saying.
Portwood was arrested Monday and jailed under a 24-hour hold until Tuesday afternoon.
Dozens of viewers had called the Indiana Department of Child Services to report Portwood’s behavior and outbusts, the report quoted an official as saying.


 Driver, 13, in crash that killed girl, 17


The driver of a light truck which crashed killing a 17-year-old New Zealand girl who was travelling home from her mother's wedding has been revealed to be a 13-year-old boy.

The teenage driver came forward to police after the crash and will be referred to the police youth aid section for follow up, the police said.

The girl killed, named by regional newspaper Hawkes Bay Today as Mary-Lee Magdalene Nicole Huata, was one of five people in a Toyota Hi Lux truck that left the road and rolled over.

Chilling footage of a cannibal luring victim


Never before has such explicit video footage of a murderer in action been revealed, reports Daily Mail.

"They are extraordinary pictures of a psychopath trapping and killing his prey," the paper said.

The chilling images of ‘Crossbow Cannibal’ Stephen Griffiths brazenly celebrating his final murder in front of a CCTV camera will ensure his place in the criminal history books.

The camera in the corridor outside the serial killer’s flat clearly captured the PhD student’s face contorted with rage before he executed prostitute Suzanne Blamires, 36, with a crossbow bolt and a knife to the head.

Moments later, accepting that the murder has been caught on film, he coolly strolls up to the camera and brandishes his crossbow in an act of bravado.

Taxi attacked after cabbie refused sex


A woman jumped into a cab in Darwin, Australia, suggested to the driver that they have sex and when he declined, started kicking the car and then threw a bottle though the rear window, the Northern Territory News reported.

The paper quoted the cabdriver, who asked to be identified only as Dean, as saying, "If you saw the girl you'd have to be pretty desperate. She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out."

Dean, 41, who is engaged to be married, said the woman got in his car outside a tavern Sunday night and asked him “Do you want to have sex?”

When he said he wasn’t interested, she began swearing, slammed the passenger door and started kicking the cab. Then she picked up a bottle and smashed the rear passenger window.

Police arrested the woman a short time later.

Techie killed for flinging car door open


A 28-year-old software professional was shot dead in a bustling marketplace in Delhi by two strangers whom he had run into just minutes before.

The reason for the rage: the victim had opened a car door carelessly, hitting the two men who were walking by, says a report in Indian media.

The killing will go down into a shameful statistic: 15% of murders in the city take place over "trivial issues".

Woman shot at party


In a crime of passion, a man has been arrested by police for allegedly killing his cousin's wife.

He reportedly felt "insulted" as she scolded him for firing a firearm during a family function, and shot her point-blank at the temple, said police.

The accused has been booked for murder as well as for carrying an illegal firearm.

Dagar allegedly shot his cousin's wife during the birth ceremony of the son of one of their relatives.

Explained deputy commissioner of police to the media, "Amita scolded him in front of their relatives for taking out his pistol for firing during the ceremony and this humiliated Dagar. The incident took place when Dagar went near Amita. He took out his pistol and put it on Amita's forehead and told her to leave the house. When she argued, he shot her. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared her dead. The firearm Anil was carrying is not licensed either."