Crazy World: 'Too tall' man kicked off flight...

Airline sorry for booting tall passenger from flight


AN airline has apologised to a "humiliated passenger" who was removed from a plane for being too tall to fit into his seat properly.

The anonymous passenger's stepdaughter wrote to The Consumerist detailing the incident that took place on board the Horizon Air flight from Oregon to California, US.

The passenger, who is over two metres tall, tried several times to get an exit row seat for additional room but failed, forcing him to take a normal seat.

He alleged that a customer service agent said that his “long limbs were now the flight attendant’s problem”.

On board the plane the passenger's legs were sticking out into the aisle and a flight attendant tripped over them.

Staff members then approached him, saying that he must get his legs out of the way. When he couldn't he was told to get off the plane.

"We apologise for how this situation was handled and compensated the passenger the value of his ticket off a future flight, which he found acceptable," an airline spokesperson said about the incident, which occurred on March 18.

“What should have happened in this scenario is the flight attendants should have asked for passengers seated in an exit or bulkhead row to voluntarily give up their seats to provide the passenger with the much needed leg room he requires.

“Moving him to a seat with more leg room would have ensured the aisle was clear but that didn't happen and he was wrongly removed from the plane.”

The passenger is said to be "pleased" with the apology and the airline's offer of a free flight.

It's not the first time a tall passenger has found themselves in a spot of bother during a flight. In December a Spirit Airlines passenger said he was forced to stand during his flight because he was too tall to fit into a seat comfortably.

Couple to walk +2,000 miles to wed


A Michigan couple is planning a truly long wedding march. Joseph Crist and Laura Brunett are going to walk some 2,500 miles to get to their wedding in Las Vegas this fall.

The happy couple told Detroit television station WJBK that they plan to leave Canton Township in Wayne County in mid-April, and that they expect the trek to prepare them to spend a lifetime together.

They hope to be in Las Vegas by September and plan to marry at nearby Lake Mead.

The 24-year-olds met in middle school, and got the idea for the trip from the book, "The Lost Art of Walking," by Geoff Nicholson.

Crist says they know their plan is "extremely crazy."

Diana's dresses to be auctioned


The blue silk velvet dress Princess Diana wore at a 1985 White House dinner and famously danced in with actor John Travolta will be offered for sale along with other gowns, a Canadian auction house says.

Waddington's has scheduled a sale on June 23 for 14 gowns selected or commissioned by the Princess of Wales between 1985 and 1994 from British designers Catherine Walker, Bruce Oldfield and Zandra Rhodes.

Florida entrepreneur Maureen Rorech Dunkel reportedly paid $US700,000 in 1997 for the silk, satin, velvet and embroidered formal dinner and evening dresses at an auction to raise money for Diana's humanitarian causes.

Following Diana's death, they toured three continents, spent a decade on loan to Kensington Palace as part of the royal ceremonial dress collection and were displayed at a Hard Rock hotel and Walt Disney World in Florida.

The collection includes dresses worn by Diana in 1985 at a gala performance of Les Miserables, during a visit to India in 1992 and at a banquet for Malaysia's king and queen in 1993.

Each dress is expected to fetch about $US200,000.

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