Crazy World: Webcam boyfriend sees girl murdered...

Webcam boyfriend sees girl murdered


CANADA: A man watched in horror on a webcam as his girlfriend was murdered more than 6,000 miles away.

He was chatting to Chinese language student Qian Liu at 1am from his home in Beijing when an intruder entered her flat in Toronto, Canada.

A struggle developed off camera before the interloper was seen switching off 23-year-old Liu's laptop.

Her body was found by a shocked friend 10 hours later.

Liu's boyfriend, who has not been named, had tried frantically to raise the alarm with her pals in Toronto.

But hours passed before they picked up his messages and alerted cops. The student's laptop was missing last night.

Detectives in both Canada and China appealed to computer experts who may be able to recover vital images of the attack from internet providers.

They believe Liu knew her killer - a muscular man in his 20s with medium-length brown hair.

Liu was studying at Toronto's English Language Institute but was said to have been desperately homesick.

Gran killed over $1


NEW YORK: A petty fight over $1 led a young US man to kill his grandmother in her Manhattan apartment and hide her body in a closet.

Larry Davis, 22, confessed to police that he had asked his grandmother Cora, 76, for $175 - then became "frustrated" and shoved her when she only gave him a dollar, officials said.

The grandmother fell backward on to her kitchen floor, fracturing her neck, assistant District Attorney Robert Ferrari said in Manhattan Criminal Court.

The case made headlines last month when police said that Davis stuffed the woman's corpse into her bedroom closet.

Davis is being held without bail pending his next court date on June 1.

Baby survives after being strangled and buried alive


SINGAPORE: A baby who was strangled and buried alive was rescued when his cries alerted a man who assumed a cat had become trapped.

A rubbish bag had been twisted around the newborn boy’s neck in an apparent attempt to strangle him and leaves had been stuffed in his mouth. 

He was found when the 60-year-old heard what he thought was a cat meowing in a tiny garden on the rooftop of a six-storey car park in Singapore.

‘I thought there was a cat in trouble, so I pushed the bushes aside to look around,’ Tay Kim Sia told a newspaper.

When he saw a small foot sticking out of the ground, he investigated further, thinking it might be a battery-operated soft toy.

But digging away the soil with his hands, he was amazed to find the baby boy with his umbilical cord still attached.

He lifted the baby from his shallow grave and took him to a nearby pensioners’ activity centre before he was transferred to a hospital.

The child did not appear to have suffered any obvious ill effects.

Michelle Obama jet aborts landing


US: A jet carrying US First Lady Michelle Obama was forced to abort a landing to avoid another plane after an apparent air traffic control mix-up.

Her Boeing 737 was approaching Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, on the east coast, when it was told to "go around" or to climb and attempt another approach.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Mrs Obama's plane was about three miles behind a 200-ton C-17 cargo jet that was landing, rather than the five-mile spacing required.

Andrews Air Force Base is a military facility where Air Force One - the presidential aircraft - and other top level government planes are based.

But the air space around it is handled by the civilian FAA, which has been criticised after revelations that controllers had fallen asleep on the job while working overnight shifts.

The FAA said the aircraft were never in any danger and both planes landed safely, but confirmed it was investigating the incident.

Man killed walking up downward escalator


SAN FRANCISCO: A man died while trying to walk up an escalator that was moving in the opposite direction at a San Francisco transit station.

Witnesses saw the man fall on the downward-moving escalator at the Powell Street Station of the city's light rail and rapid transport system about 1pm local time Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Paramedics performed CPR on the man, believed to be about 50 years old, and took him to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

"He possibly got caught in the machinery and was carried downward. At some point, his clothing became caught in the machinery as well," San Francisco police Sgt Michael Andraychak said. "We don't know if he suffered a medical emergency." 

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