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Couple sue over world's worst wedding video


BRITAIN: Cameraman filmed backs of heads, grass and people who weren't even attending.

Furious newlyweds say a calamitous cameraman ruined their wedding day.

He failed to record the couple signing the register, cutting the cake, most of the speeches and the bride and groom’s entrance at the reception, reports Daily Mail.

British couple Martin and Heidi Shubrook claim they paid photographer Clayton Bennett hundreds of pounds to record the wedding but instead they were left in tears watching a video that included shots of guests' feet and backs.

“I was in tears watching it back,” Mrs Shubrook, 29, told the Daily Mail.

“He turned up to our wedding with scars all over his face and said he was a cage fighter. He looked a mess.

“During the day he went missing and we found him at another wedding.”
Mr Shubrook, 34, told the Mail Bennett was utterly unprofessional.

“What we did get was poorly filmed. The angles were wonky and the framing bad, and he allowed subjects to move out of shot.

“For part of it, the camera was left on the floor so half of the shot was grass and people’s heads were cut off. He even managed to include people who were not part of the wedding.”

The couple have successfully won a court battle against Mr Bennett who was ordered to pay the newlyweds a total of £600, including a refund of their money, court and travel costs.
Lady Gaga wears make-up to bed


US: Lady Gaga has revealed she has dyed her hair so much that it is falling out.

The Poker Face singer has spent years dyeing her brunette locks peroxide blonde.

The 24-year-old star said she now has to "get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out".

GaGa has also sported extreme hairdos as part of her crazy fashion styles.

But experts warn that women wearing hair up, braided, or scraped into a tight pony-tail can develop the condition traction alopecia.

GaGa also admitted to a US magazine that she goes to bed wearing make-up every night. She said: "That's not good for your skin, but I'm blessed with good genes." 
Ninja-playing dad leaves kid home alone


PENNSYLVANIA: US police say a western Pennsylvania man left his sleeping 4-year-old son home alone while he went outside and pretended to be a ninja warrior.

Online court records show 28-year-old Ross Hurst, of Scottdale, has applied for a public defender but has yet to be appointed one.

The Daily Courier of Connellsville reports Mr Hurst was charged on March 3 after police found him outside about 1.30am dressed all in black and "playing ninja" on a borough street. Scottdale is about 56km south-east of Pittsburgh.

Police say Mr Hurst told them his mother was watching the child, but the boy's grandmother said Mr Hurst never asked her to babysit.

Outside the courtroom, Mr Hurst said he wasn't pretending to be a ninja.

Hurst says he simply "went for a jog" - but acknowledges he shouldn't have left his son alone.

Hurst's listed telephone is not in service. He faces a preliminary hearing on March 30 on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.
Tiger's new girl has criminal record


FLORIDA: Tiger Woods has reportedly found a new girlfriend - a 22-year-old student who looks just like his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Alyse Lahti Johnston, who is 13 years younger than the golfer, also has a criminal past - she was arrested on suspicion of DUI last year.

The university student and budding golfer has been been spending a lot of time with the world's richest sports star in recent weeks.

Johnston's father is an executive at IMG which is the sports agency that represents Woods.

A source told TerezOwens, a leading sports blog, that the two have been seeing each other for a few months now and have been spotted on Woods' yacht.

They were apparently there with another couple and he is said to be smitten with her.

But Woods' new girl has a shady past, just like the stream of mistresses that came out of the woodwork two years ago leading to the implosion of his marriage.

A mug shot of Johnston stemming from her DUI arrest on October 9 last year by police in Orlando, Florida, shows she looked a bit worse for wear on the date she was pulled over.

However, a lesser charge of reckless driving, a first degree misdemeanor, was brought against her on December 10. She pleaded no contest to the charge and an adjudication was pending until she met several condition.

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